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8 Ways to Use Analytics to Improve Client Retention and Sales

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Are you searching for effective yet result-oriented strategies to improve customer retention and sales?

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Certainly, customer retention is considered an ignorant asset by many brands. The reason is that they are more inclined towards generating leads and getting new customers.

There is a need to understand that to improve the business or brand value, and revenue, the marketing methods must integrate solid customer retention and sales strategies.

We do not mean that by centralizing the attention on the customer retention or sales, you started avoiding securing new leads and customers to the business. However,  getting the existing customers back must be your main concern because it can give you benefits in several ways.

The aim of this write-up is to find out how customer analytics and sales matters and what are the eight ways with which analytics can assist you in improving so.  But, before moving directly towards it, there is a need to understand what the customer retention rate is and why it is important?

Customer Retention Defined

Customer retention is defined as the strategies and actions a business considers to try and retain existing customers. To facilitate these actions, the analytics offers predictive measures of which customers may churn- that allows them to stand out.

Importance of Customer Retention and Sales

It is being researched that with the 5% improvement in the customer retention rate, the profit rate increases from 25% to 125%.  Even though the businesses find it complicated to manage customer retention or are neglecting the revenue influence. Several businesses employ less than 20% of the customers.

When you are not able to engage the customers after you have created a large cash outlay to get them, they will just be a net-negative and are not able to give back the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Basically, the money is not spent to lose it. This is the reason, the sales, and the customer retention rate are important for profitability and growth and why it is essential to focus on the methods for improving customer retention.

However, the acquisition has been appealing as the acquisition campaigns generate faster, higher measurable outcomes than customer retention – campaigns, it is vital to have a long term approach and do not forget that the company’s future profitability and revenue will rely on retaining the existing customers.

What analytics helps you in?

The analytics can immediately focus on the better opportunities for boosting customer retention and sales by explaining the below queries:

  • What customer service communication results in sub-par retention and customer experiences?
  • Is there any sub-segment with retention problems that might get targeted for prompt solutions with more revenue influence?
  • What customer segments will mostly like to swirl?
  • How the technical product problems highers the churn risk and how much the service outages?
  • Is acquisition targeting the wrong customer that can result in less retention rate?

How is analytics helpful in sales and customer retention?

Data notifies what and how to keep the customers

The data provides businesses important data of the customers that assists in developing the customer retention methods.  Businesses can refine the customers ‘ least valuable according to the purchasing frequency, value, and preferences.  The most essential datum to assist the businesses take a personal method to get the rank is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). If the frequent and high spender stops shopping or with the store retailers and cards can find root causes and build the targeted methods for retention to convince them to engage.

Decrease product proliferation

Some businesses depend on making better and new products to appeal to the new customers and get the existing ones. However, the excess of the products can leave customers feeling confused with maximum options.

Alternatively, the business can list the offers to what great serves and engages customers, revenue and customer loyalty will grow. Understanding what best interests and serves the customers- is very simple.

By examining the information such as inventory turnover and customer transactions, you can examine the information and determine what products are most effective. Taking the time to grasp the customer’s requirements will provide businesses the edge above their competition.

Enhance the customer experience with real-time data

Social media has made it possible for several businesses to link personally with the customers; however, without businesses like this, how do the retailers communicate and know about customers’ thinking?

Big data provides access to real-time data without requiring social media communication. You can find out what the customers are purchasing, clicking, and communicating. You may have regular communication with the customers by personalized landing pages, mobile applications, and advertisements.

Recognize Needs of Loyal Customers

It is very economical to have retained the existing customer than to search for new. Also, it could be approximately 5 times costlier than to approach the existing one.

Be the best friends with the potential customers as they are highly valuable. When you find out why some customers are staying and why some are leaving, you can adopt the right metrics to hold the best customers.

Also, to improve the existing customer’s experience, the information could classify the requirements of new and potential customers. By meeting the new customers to the products to fulfill the requirements on a regular basis, they are able to provide you with the business.

Create Customized Offers or discounts

These days, the customers prefer to feel special and unique, so, if you can customize the discounts according to their needs, you definitely will not lose them. Big data can collect the data from the customers, like, gender, social data, and location, so that you can grant them special offers according to their needs and interests.

Categorize the data, manage the message and sell the best products

The businesses can examine the metrics such as product reviews, ratings, and purchase habits to share the individualized messaging to the maximum of the global customers. Here, the data analytics assists the brands in creating stories that are similar to every marketing segment for more customized messages for every customer. This is the best way to Build Your Marketing Muscle.

Promoting the targeted marketing campaigns will assure more Return on Investment (ROI) which is crucial when the customers require more personalization from the rerailers.

Promotes Sustainable Development

By gathering the data, you can create the solution of how to compute delivery times and fulfillment rates efficiently and quickly. You can acknowledge the fundamental questions, like; How quickly the orders are received? Are they delivered on a timely basis? How much delay is there while fulfilling the deliveries?

When the customer is ordering the second time? Examine the critical data as mentioned and then, you are on your way to implementing the methods to improve sales and customer retention.

Retaining the existing customers permits you to experience sustainable growth. It is said that with the 5% increase in customer retention rate, the profit rate can also increase from 25% to 95%. It is evident that getting the existing customer back changes the business sense, however, doing it is not an easy job. The profitable way with which the companies are getting a competitive benefit is from analytics.

Support in finding the key trends quickly

Certainly, the existing customers are helpful to sell and market. Acknowledge that there are not many customer acquisition costs linked with selling the new services and products to the existing customers.

The decision-makers when it is about retailing are looking for opportunities to evaluate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) because these details are important to identify the trends that influence the everyday activities and relationships that outcome with the customer intercommunication. From the information received from KPIs, you can boost the customer service tactics, forecasting and eliminate methods that have adverse consequences.

Wrapping Up

With customer understanding, selection of appropriate retention audiences, personalized and targeted product offers, the analytics can improve the business sales and customer retention rate.  It is totally up to you to make the right decision of whether you want it to get included or not.

If you are more aware of other ways on how these factors can be improved, then, do share. Also, if you are stuck somewhere and have some queries related then, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!

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