Best 5 Tricks to Make Your Node.js Web App Faster

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Everyone seems to be talking about the Node.js software design platform. Node.js seems to have taken over the realm of programming with its sweeping benefits.

Node.js is a standard platform developed on JavaScript supported by Google Chrome. Established in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Node.js is used for comprehensive implementation for easy building of fast accessible network applications.

For a long time, JavaScript has been offering amazing and unique frameworks for curating collaborative interfaces. Today, Node.js can be pitched as an alternative server-side portal that is being used by several startups and big enterprises.

Check here for hire best node js developer is an open-source, data-intensive, cross-platform real-time environment that can be operated on Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X runtime.

Special Features on Node.js Application

Node.js provides multiple JavaScript modules that simplify web app development to a huge extent. It is backed with powerful and commanding features and is expected to have the potential to dethrone the conventional Java. Let us take a quick look at the high rated characteristics of Node.js that makes it a high-demand programming application.

High Speed

Node.js library is assembled on Chrome’s JavaScript Engine making it a highly fast code execution programming platform.


Any server built on Node.js waits for the Application Programming Interface (API)to retun data. It is therefore, non-blocking and asynchronous.


Node.js has a notification mechanism of Events that helps the API server to move to the next API as well as receive a response from the preceding API call.


Unlike traditional server models, Node.js application makes use of a single-threaded program model that helps provide service to several requests.

High Scalability

API servers developed from Node.js offer non-blocking responses that make them highly scalable when compared to older servers that used a limited number of threads to handle requests.

Zero Buffering

Node.js programming applications cause zero data buffering and produces the data output in chunks.

 It is evident that Node.js can be stated as one of the best cloud-computing solution provider released under the MIT license. It has been widely adopted and taken cognizance of in the world of Internet.

The Pros of Node.js

Node.js has exceeded a billion downloads and offers massive technological advantages.

· The project is driven by robust technology that provides efficiency for traffic generating applications and the overall productivity of a program.

·  It allows for effective code sharing and codes can be executed faster when compared to other languages.

·  The application has a wide range of free tools for boosting developer productivity.

· Node.js is a perfect solution for micro-services that ensures to execute code on both the server and client side.

· It bridges the gap between the frontend developers and the backend developers.

There are multiple reasons why you should choose Node.js for modern add development. Note.js has been used for large amount of projects and applications. Companies are using it for its scalable features and cross-functionality for entire app developments including testing and deployment.

Although the event-driven mechanism of Node.js offers better synchronization process, enhanced scalability and reliable productivity, the interface is not free from vulnerabilities and can cause underperformance.

The framework can throw some speed issues. Since it is good programming application, it is obvious for you to look into the ways in which it can be made optimal and faster. Before you decide on contacting a check here for hire best node js developer, it will better for you to explore the options and resources that can improve the performance level and productive efficiency of Node.js server platform.

5 Proven Tricks to Optimize Node.js Performance

Performance is the key aspect for any developer. It determines the interactivity of the user with the application. Even after providing fast results and non-blocking responses, any entrepreneur or developer would want their apps to work fast and be completely optimized. Let us look at some of the optimization tools and tricks.

Parallel Running

In order to design the dashboard HTML page, Node.js retrieves a high amount of data for the same. Multiple API calls are made to get hold of the data that take 2 seconds in average to complete.  Each request is run in series where the each request starts once the previous request has been completed.

Since Node.js is an asynchronous application, it is suitable for running multiple functional operations in parallel. All requests can be fired together as the APIs are not interdependent. Once completed, the developer can proceed.


Applications developed with the help of Node.js server runs permanently as compared to other server-driven applications. Cache is a simple technique for temporary data storage where the same can be fetched back without accessing the original. Caching can be very useful for reusing connection objects from the database. This reduces data volume and bandwidth costs as well as improves the response time. High-use items can be cached with tools for a better and efficient performance. Check here for hire best node js developer company to handle the full optimization task.

Query Optimization

Query generation has an impact on the performance level of an application. Any corrupt query can turn data display into a very slow process. Queries must therefore be optimized to better the speed.

Track Error Script Logging

Logging is important for your program to run without any errors. During the development process, if you find anything strange then it is wise to look and identify the code that is making the error. Logging, here, helps to track the API traffic and fetch the script error. This will help optimize the application to a great level.

Enable GZIP Compression

Turn on the GZIP compression and you will see a massive improvement in the performance level of applications being developed with Node.js. Responses to resource requests made by a browser that is compatible with GZIP shall be compressed by the server. Without GZIP compression, the browser will take a longer time to fetch the static resource.


Node.js is being recognized for its fast performance and good productivity. However, there are several other aspects that developers must keep in mind when designing their web application. Every possible step must be taken to optimize your Node.js application for better results.

It has become a trend for backend programmers and developers to use Node.js for web app development.

This article has discussed briefly what Node.js is all about and why it is better to optimize the application. Check here for hire best node js developer and hand over the optimization process to the experts.

Complex applications made with the help of Node.js stand out from other developing technologies.

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