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Top 10 Data Analytics Companies that You Should Follow in 2023

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Data analytics is now one of the most important areas for businesses to focus on. As the amount of data continues to grow, the value that businesses can gain from data analytics has only increased.

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In order to make sure that your business isn’t left behind, it’s important to keep tabs on which data analytics companies are set to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

These are the top 10 data analytics companies that you should be watching out for in 2023 as they continue to grow as businesses and forces in the field of data analytics. Read on to find out more…

List Of Top Data Analytics Company

Enlisted below is the list of the most popular Data Analytics Companies.

  • Indium Software
  • Alteryx
  • Rapidops
  • InData Labs
  • Oxagile
  • SAP
  • Sumatosoft
  • ScienceSoft
  • Snowflake

Indium Software

Indium Software is a leading provider of Digital Engineering solutions with deep expertise in Application Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Assurance and Gaming.

Over the past decade, Indium has built strong relationships with over 100 clients-spanning ISVs, Global 2000 as well as born-digital companies-across North America, India, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and with ecosystem partners such as AWS, Mendix, Striim, and Denodo.

With over 2000 associates spread across multiple delivery locations in India and at client sites, Indium makes technology work for clients, driving measurable business value.


Alteryx makes it easy for everyone to make sense out of every type of data, everywhere. Alteryx powers analytics for all by providing the leading Analytics Automation Platform.

Alteryx delivers easy end-to-end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes, enabling enterprises every-where to democratize data analytics across their organizations for a broad range of use cases.

More than 8,000 customers globally rely on Alteryx to deliver high-impact business outcomes. More than 320,000 global Alteryx users gather every day on the Alteryx Community to solve together.


Rapidops Inc. is a technology, transformation, and analytics company. It helps clients design, engineer, and launch advanced digital products and platforms that enable them to thrive and achieve more for their customers.

Since 2008, their team has delivered thousands of projects and hundreds of digital products that are touching millions of lives daily, solving tough problems, and changing the way people live, work, and engage.

Rapidops operate in retail, manufacturing and supply chain, healthcare, and technology industries. They are working with companies like Dassault Systems, Kroger, Harris Teeter, BigCommerce, and Tresata. They have also launched our own digital platforms like, used by thousands of businesses across the globe. is an IT and services company that provides a data integration platform. It can bring all your data sources together. It can be connected with online analytical data sources like AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery.

It offers solutions for marketing, sales, customer support, and developers. solutions are available for retail, hospitality, and advertising industries.’s marketing solution has features of data enrichment, targeted communication, personalized emails, smart segmentation, etc. Its solution for customer support will help you to know about the business strategies that need improvement. Its sales solution will provide effective analytics.

InData Labs

InData Labs is a Data Science and AI-powered solutions provider headquartered in Cyprus with a team of 80+ employees distributed across Europe and U.S. Since 2014, the company has successfully delivered 150+ projects helping clients to grow their businesses by implementing Big Data analytics solutions for actionable insights extraction, predictive analytics and recommender engines, NLP, image/video analysis and object detection, human body pose estimation and tracking solutions.

InData Labs has its own R&D center operating in the sphere of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI Software Development. They serve midmarket and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries.


Oxagile is an end-to-end software development company that specializes in both traditional and advanced data analytics for media, entertainment, advertising, e-commerce, retail, and other industries and domains.

The company’s competence includes data analysis and visualization, custom reporting and dashboarding, cutting-edge BI tool implementation, BI systems optimization, comprehensive ML analytics, and more.

Underpinned by this knowledge, Oxagile addresses various business challenges, including customer hyper-segmentation, data-based recommendation and subscription packages, and marketing campaign customization. Oxagile’s tech stack covers AWS and Google data services, reputable BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, Looker, Microsoft Power BI, etc.


SAP is a German multinational software corporation based in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

The company is especially known for its ERP software. SAP is the largest non-American software company by revenue, the world’s third-largest publicly-traded software company by revenue, and the largest German company by market capitalisation.

Since 2012, SAP has acquired several companies that sell cloud-based products, with several multibillion-dollar acquisitions seen by analysts as an attempt to challenge competitor Oracle.

In 2016 SAP bought Concur Technologies, a provider of cloud-based travel and expense management software, for US$8.3 billion, SAP’s most expensive purchase to that date. Analysts’ reactions to the purchase were mixed, with Thomas Becker of Commerzbank questioning whether Concur was the right choice for SAP, while Credit Suisse called the


Sumatosoft is a Data Analysis and Internet of Things enterprise, specialized in undertaking complex projects. It also looks into different industries such as Healthcare, Medical, Hospitality, IT, Real Estate, E-commerce, and Entertainment.


  • Highly customizable services in start-up programs and development.
  • It ranks 5th in testing across the globe.
  • It is specialized in undertaking complex projects.


Headquartered in Texas, US, ScienceSoft provides data analytics services since 1989, helping companies worldwide turn raw data into actionable insights. ScienceSoft advises on, implements, supports data analytics solutions and provides analytics-as-a-service to enable:

  • Financial analytics
  • Customers analytics
  • Marketing and sales analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Asset analytics
  • Manufacturing analytics
  • HR analytics


  • Data analytics services for medium and large businesses from 23 industries, including Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale, Professional Services, Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Energy, and others.
  • Hands-on experience with top open-source and proprietary data analytics technologies (Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Cassandra, Python, Java, R, etc.).
  • Strategic partnership with Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and other tech leaders.
  • 32 years of Data Analytics expertise.


Snowflake Inc. is a cloud computing-based data warehousing company based in Bozeman, Montana. It was founded in July 2012 and was publicly launched in October 2014 after two years in stealth mode. The company’s name was chosen as a tribute to the founders’ love of winter sports.

Snowflake offers a cloud-based data storage and analytics service, generally termed “data warehouse-as-a-service”. It allows corporate users to store and analyze data using cloud-based hardware and software.

Snowflake runs on Amazon S3 since 2014, on Microsoft Azure since 2018, and on the Google Cloud Platform since 2019. The company is credited with reviving the data warehouse industry by building and perfecting a cloud-based data platform. It was able to separate computer data storage from computing before Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.