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Top 10 Text Analytics Companies In USA 2021

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There are a lot of text analytics companies in the United States of America that offer many services and solutions you need to grow your business.

However, to choose the right one is always tricky because it is a big investment of your work and money. Get a view of the things you are getting into in this article by reading it to the end.

List of 10 Most Promising Top Text Analytics Companies in USA


This company helps you get an insight from your acquired text data. It has gotten good reviews from its clients and employees. They mainly extract the text data then summarize it. After that, text classification takes place.

The data you get from online and offline platforms needs to be organized and transformed into structured data. This company helps you with this process and they are very quick in their job. You can even get a demo of what they work on so that you can decide whether or not you should invest here.


This is a custom product and software development company that primarily offers product scope, UX/UI and MVP builder.

Give vitality to your product with the help of Alter.io. They are happy to help out the companies belonging to different industries but their aim is to build technologies that can be used worldwide.

They have won many awards and many distinguished companies (IBM, Fullcube, Audapio, Teezler, Enterprise bot etc.) are happy to have collaborated with them.

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Ballard Chalmers

This is a custom software development company which was founded in 2005 and since then it has been delivering application engineering services and software development for the enterprises.

They can work with a project regardless of its position in the development lifecycle. It is a customer-centric company so it prioritizes on the needs of its clients.

You can get help with internal team augmentation, outsourced projects, ongoing support and consultancy. They use the latest technologies like Xamarin, .NET, Azure, SharePoint, BizTalk Server etc.


This is a company that has deep knowledge in Augmented reality and virtual reality application development. It offers innovative solutions to companies belonging to different industries like manufacturing, real estate, education, retail, training and pharmaceutical.

They produce VR based training solutions for the manufacturing industry. If you want to turn your e-commerce application to an experimental buying platform then the AR furniture retail platform will be a lot of help. For pharmaceutical companies the mixed reality applications are the best.


This is an application development company for mobile and web. They also produce many solutions that drive the business growth.

It guarantees to make your idea into a product with its comprehensive suite of highly customizable services.

The services provided by this company are website development, QA or quality assurance, mobile applications, product development, IoT, MVP development, data science and hiring a dedicated team.

It also provides some solutions such as food ordering, home service and pet health tech.


Presently, customers want advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics. Stratahive provides us with training services and niche consulting. This company believes that artificial intelligence and machine learning are transformative technology.

This will produce the next quantum gain for business. It searches for the hidden values from the acquired data with the help of its unique blend of business acumen, state-of-the-art tool and process innovations.

You can grow your business with its innovative solutions.

InData Labs

If you are looking for a leading data science firm that also provides AI powered solutions with its own R and D center then inData Labs is the best company for you.

This company was founded in 2014 and since then it has more than 50 employees. These professionals have managed to finish more than 40 projects. It has its claw spread in 5 key industries like finance, entertainment, digital health, e-commerce, advertising and travel. Their offices are situated in 4 locations such as the USA, Belarus, Singapore and Cyprus.

Indium Software

Indium Software is a software development company which has a wide range of services and solutions that makes a business grow.

If you want a company that has deep knowledge and experience in quality assurance services and digital services then Indium has specialized in them. A, text analytics CoE, big data, stream processing, data engineering and Data virtualization is offered by them. This company also has expertise in low-code development. They have more than 1100 esteemed employees that have served over 350.

B@TL (Brewed At The Lab)

This company has a wide range of products and services like IT infrastructure management services, Tech enabled strategic solution, engineering and R and D services, Cloud native service, overseas Edu-pro – education consultants, digital enabled strategic solutions, business process management and cyber security.

This company provides the suitable solutions across the world. Their teams are highly experienced and passionate about their works. This company knows the importance of transparency so it keeps its clients up to date with their work progress.


This company offers solutions like digital academic certificates, blockchain-based video e-KYc, d-duper, data visualization, p2p energy trading and aadhaar data vault. They believe in traceability, transparency and trust.

This company is for startups and enterprises. TroonDx is an engineering firm. It focuses on the next generation and high impact technologies. It mostly works in privacy, data engineering, security and intelligence.


All these text analytics companies will provide you with the best services and solutions that you need to boost your business and create more efficient products.