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Definitive Guide: Top 10 Big Data Companies Across the World

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The world is witnessing the electronic revolution as the importance of the internet, and data has been increasing exponentially.

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Nowadays, all the industries have shifted towards online services to improve their scope of growing business gradually. The emergence of smartphones is one reason why internet users have progressively risen and reached almost 60% of the total global population. Out of this, more than 90% of people use the internet on their smartphones.

Over time the industries realized the importance of data in their business. That is where the Big Data Companies came into existence and became the savior by providing useful tools to collect and process those relevant data to enhance their business. 

What Do Big Data Companies Do And Why Is It Helpful To Enterprises?

The set of datas that are created from various provenance can be useful to the businesses going on.

These data are relevant but perhaps not in the right space to utilize, and that is where these techstack companies are helping with the business-centric approach. The data engendered can be in structure or in disordered form.

To make it usable requires the process of extraction and specialized tools and analytics, and these tech giants will offer that.

Variety, Velocity, and Volume are the three essential terms that define big data. It is known as the 3 V’s of big data.

The variety refers to the wide varieties of data, and velocity is the speed at which the data are collected, and the volume is the size of data, and it is enormous. Data is instrumental in growing and boosting the enterprises, and these companies offer business-centric tools for extracting the raw data.


Example Of Actual Implementations

A restaurant firm has started to deliver food at the doorstep of the customers. For that, they had an online food ordering system for restaurants. Their online system will generate data related to the orders, customer details, searches, etc. These data help the restaurant offer the best service to the customers individually by targeting the right customer, following the patterns that are understood using the data related to the particular customers. Thus, this is how different firms and enterprises can use data for business growth.


Leading Big Data Companies

1. IBM

Shortly known as IBM, International Business Machine Corporation was founded in 1911, which is currently headquartered in the US. It is located in 170 countries globally with more than 350k employees. IBM basically started as computer hardware and software, and with the latest invention, they expanded to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

IBM provides world-class data analytics tools and extraction that helps the business enterprises process such significant volume and data velocity. IBM’s latest analytics tools help to find out the relevant data that helps in decision-making for the business people. Thus, IBM is one of the largest corporations in the Information Technology field, providing various big data solutions.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a California, US-based tech company that is better known for its Customer Relation Management (CRM) services. Salesforce offers highly analytical solutions to the business organization, which consists of data management systems and helps them strategize their business using different data sets.

They are predominantly targets in utilizing the right set of data that are relevant to increase their customer’s business growth and decision making. Thus, Salesforce is one of the leading Big Data Companies to watch out for. 

3. Oracle

Oracle is another leading tech company located in Texas, America, and was founded in 1977. Oracle provides a wide range of software and data solutions to the business organization that helps them effectively manage their business operations and sufficient growth of their business.

It enables the organization to process the raw data available into the relevant, useful structure that empowers the business entities. Oracle offers Hadoop-based data management and storage systems that can be effectively analyzed and organized with the different analytic tools available, including Oracle cloud SQL. 

4. Google

Google is another tech giant and the largest search engine available on the internet. It offers cloud-based data collection and analytics to business organizations all around the world. With cloud computing-based data collection and analytics, google offers cost-efficient solutions to businesses worldwide.

Their approach looks customer-friendly, especially for the small scale industries and startups. All in all, Google is the ocean of information, and they have compelling technology to store the data with the latest innovation and techniques. They started their analytics venture in 2005, which is currently known as Google’s Big Query.

5. SAP

SAP is a german-based tech company providing various business solutions founded in 1972. SAP offers Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), business data management, data processing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

These are some essential tools that can help the business organization to manage and grow their business effectively. Thus, SAP is one of the Big Data Companies providing effective data solutions to business enterprises. 

6. VMware

VMware is a software technology firm providing various business-related solutions from cloud computing to IT infrastructure and data processing. It helps the business organization with the latest tech stack tools to transform their business digitally and also offers data storage facilities with analytics to increase their business reach.

VMware is an American-based firm located in California and was founded in 1998. They provide a variety of software that helps in the virtualization of the business entities effectively.

7. Teradata

Teradata was founded in 1979, is a tech company specializing in software and tools related to data management and data analytics.

The data management and analytics tools convert the raw and unorganized data into the usable form that boosts the business. Teradata started their data warehousing facilities in the early 2010s, and their setup has helped them boost their business growth. The data engendered are disordered and raw, which requires a process of extraction to make it useful. Thus, Teradata offers customer-centric and business-centric tools that are useful for enhancing the business.

8. Cloudera

Cloudera, founded in 2008 and headquartered in California, is a software company providing various data related solutions to business enterprises all over the world. Cloudera was founded by previous employers, each one from tech giants like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, respectively.

Cloudera has its venture named Enterprise Data Hub, which provides the data extraction and analytics tool using the Apache Hadoop as its main. Cloudera has partnered with the Oracle corporation for their big data projects. Thus, Cloudera has run to the path of success with its firm belief in big data and strengthening its place in the market.

9. Segment

The segment is also one of the leading Big Data Companies in the world. The segment is a firm that collects the users’ data from various places in the digital world.

After collecting such useful data, they channelize it at a centralized location. They procure all the data and make it organized using the various data analytics tools and provide it to their users. The segment is known for its clean and excellent organized data to the customers. Their customer-centric approach has made them successful in the big data market.

10. Databricks

Databricks is a newly founded tech company that has had remarkable growth in the big data market. Databricks was founded in 2013 based in America. It is established by the creator of Apache Spark, which is one of the essential tools in big data. Companies’ unified data engineering and science process has made them one of the leading Big Data Companies. Databricks is currently headquartered in California, US. Their cloud-based solution allows the business to increase in the stiff market competitions. 

Conclusive Thoughts

The big data concept has been very trending and still in its initial state, and large-scale industries have now started getting the importance of the big data solution in their business.

In the coming years, the small-scales industries will also understand the importance of big data, and they will start implying the big data solution in their organizations. Data are beneficial in understanding the customers’ market dynamics and mindset and accordingly can take actions to fulfill the targets efficiently. Thus, Big Data Companies have a long way to go, and the future seems to be promising in the future. 

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Deep is a serial entrepreneur and blogger who wishes to support the ground transportation industries with his writings. He covers up all the known and unknown facts around the industry and puts it together to create trending articles across different websites. He also includes details on the latest trends, fun facts, business expectations, strategies, and models to follow to achieve success in the transportation sector.

Deep is a serial entrepreneur and blogger who wishes to support the ground transportation industries with his writings. He covers up all the known and unknown facts around the industry and puts it together to create trending articles across different websites. He also includes details on the latest trends, fun facts, business expectations, strategies, and models to follow to achieve success in the transportation sector.