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Best 10 Expert Tips to Help Small Businesses Affordably Leverage AI/ML

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AI and ML are short forms for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they are  an important part of the computer science world and are closely inter related to one another. Since they are so inter related to one another people generally use these terms as synonyms for one another.

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But what you must know and remember, is that despite their inter relation they are quite different from one another.

So it is very important to learn the difference between the two of them. So, here are some difference that might be of help to make things a little more clear.

  • AI is a kind of technology that helps a machine to enable human behaviour in it, whereas, ML is a subset i.e. a part of AI that helps the machine to learn automatically from the past without you having to program it more explicitly.
  • The main goal of AI is to make a computer system smart like humans that can very easily solve tough and complex problems, and on the other hand, the goal of ML is to let machine learn from the past records and data so that it can generate and provide you with an accurate output.
  • The scope of AI is wide and the scope of ML is relatively, limited.
  • An AI system is more focused on success of something, whereas ML is more focused on the accuracy and pattern of the things.
  • It includes things like reasoning, learning and self-correction but ML includes learning and self- correction only when it is introduced to new data.
  • AI has to main subsets deep learning and machine learning, and ML has deep learning as it main component.
  • AI deals with all kinds of data, which includes unstructured, semi-structured and structured data, whereas ML deals with structured ans semi structured data only.

So, you might now think what is the need of having AI and ML, especially in small businesses? Here is how, AI can make use of phone systems and generate voices that can be used to respond to the verbal questions that your customers might have asked.

Also, small businesses can make us of AI integrated chat bots that can talk with customers, resolve their problems and also provide them with a better experience. And if that doesn’t help, they can also assist your customers with any help that they might require.

Now, here is how machine learning can be of use, it can identify and tell you about the problems that might occur in your small business thus, giving you  a heads up about it and as a result of which, your spending’s might decrease but you can also have a higher level of protection at the same time which can make the tables turn for your small business.

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Here are five companies listed as examples that have used the function of AI for recruiting to make them more effective and efficient. They are HireVue, HiredScore, Mya Systems, Wade and Wendy and Hiretual. Here are some tips and trick that can be of help for your small business to affordably leverage AI and Ml.

1. Know what your problem is, in order to get it solved: AI and ML are systems, whose main work is to analyse and to categorize data. And so, before investing in AI and ML solutions, you should know the root issues of your business, only then will you be able to know if AI and ML will be of help to you, and if done so you can get the best return on investment with your very targeted approach.

2. Elimination of Boring and Ordinary Tasks: AI and ML can be of great help and support you to tackle and solve problems; also it will bring efficiency and effectiveness by removal of regular and boring tasks, thus making the work of your employee’s way easier. Your main focus here should be not give into the hype and ensure that you can get maximum returns from it.

3. Incorporate this technology in something that you are already doing: there are a number of ways in which a small business or any business for that matter can integrate AI and ML in their operations, but the best way to begin with it is to start with including it in some kind of work that you are already doing.

4. To achieve something big, you need to take small steps first: do not be afraid to take small steps, because they are the one that build up the foundation of something big. One of the ways by which you can explore the benefits and disadvantages of AI & ML is to invest it in small programs and check on results, this way you can have the least amount of risk involved and see how it actually works.

5.  Start and avail customer service solutions: if you are a small business, the best way for you to learn more about AI & ML is to begin with getting help from something like customer services. You can also make use of AI bots, when you can attain help from your customer service people.

6. Find someone who can help you meet your needs: the expectation that most businesses have with software installations is that it will give quick and great return on investment to you. And so, small business should look out for getting AI and ML solutions for you instead of wander here and there for help to manage it,

7. Explore no code and low code for your business: getting AI for can enable growth and development for both small and big businesses, and so there are a number of companies who ca provides you with the same. But the easiest way to include it in your business while not causing a burden on your pockets is to have your employees turn into no code or low code developers.

8. Make to order an open source solution: being a small business, if you wish to include yourself and your business with Al and Ml technology there great and free open source solutions, that you can make use of.

9. Do not forget to leverage your existing solutions: you don’t have to start from the very basic every time you think you need to make changes in your business, you can always leverage your existing solutions and then customize them with whatever it is that your small business requires.

10. Focus on the areas that you can quantify for your business: if you are still exploring AI and ML for your small business, you should and must quantify so that you can further build your business up towards success.

Here are some benefits that you can get if you think to include AI &ML in your small business.

  • Improve productivity of your team: If you make use of AI/ML technology, you can reduce the burden of repetitively doing a task, which can relieve the stress from the back of your employees, thus improving the overall efficiency of your business.
  • Innovation: Since employees have less work, they have a lot of free time to think, experiment and innovate things for your small business.
  • Creation and maintenance of customer relationships: Customers can gain added assistance if you add AI bots to your website, thus improving customer relationships.

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