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TDA is looking for a Senior Editor. Maybe that’s you?

In just a few short years, TDA has grown into a leading publication in the data science, machine learning, and AI fields, with a thriving community network of top-notch contributors whose work we’re proud to publish.

Low-code Application Development Company

We’re looking for a new, full-time Senior Editor to join our small-yet-mighty team—someone who will help us continue to grow our reach, improve our editorial processes, and cultivate our relationships with authors, experts, and practitioners from industry and academia alike.

We’d love to bring on board a Senior Editor who is…

  • A seasoned, sharp reader who knows good data storytelling when they see it (and loves working with authors to make it even better).
  • A curious learner who has some hands-on experience in a related technical field (data science, AI, programming, etc.).
  • A teammate who thrives in a distributed workplace (TDA is 100% remote).

If you think you might be a good fit for this role, you can learn more about it and share your resume to

In case this isn’t the right job for you but you know someone else whose profile resembles what we’re looking for, please share it with them—we’d love to hear from as wide and as diverse a range of applicants as possible.

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