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10 Top Deep Learning Companies in USA 2021

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Have you been searching for top deep learning companies? Deep learning is largely used in image recognition, NLP processing and speech recognition software.

This trending technology is also used in building self-driving cars and for providing language translation services. The growing demand for the deep learning services in several industries has led to rise in large number of service providers in this field.

ThinkDataAnalytics brings you a list of emerging players in the field to assist you in search. Explore the below listed deep learning service firms that are selected for offering cutting-edge deep learning development solutions:

Read This In-depth Review of the Top Deep Learning Companies Across The World to Select the Best Deep Learning Company Based on Pricing, Features & Comparison:

List Of Top Machine Learning Companies

Enlisted below is an exclusive list of the most popular Deep Learning Companies worldwide.

  • Indium Software
  • Qualcomm
  • Infopulse
  • InData Labs
  • Sensory
  • MobiDev
  • Webtunix
  • Altoros
  • ServReality 

Indium Software

Indium Software’s machine learning (ML) service enables companies to gain a competitive advantage with perks such as customer lifetime value prediction, predictive maintenance, spam detection, and more.

With Indium’s motto being to make technology work, they offer the best-in-class ML algorithms along with machine learning consulting solutions. They are proficient in advanced analytics languages and tools such as Python, R, Tensorflow, Keras, Alteryx, and more.

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Indium’s machine learning service can be applied to any key business function, including:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Finance

They also boast of expertise in advanced tools and technology expertise in addition to their wide-ranging capabilities that comprise of:

  • Image analysis
  • Image tagging
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Information extraction
  • Data analysis

Indium’s machine learning service enables companies to explore hidden resources of their data and make profitable business decisions.


Qualcomm Incorporated is one of the world’s leading telecom companies, headquartered in San Diego. They offer AI and deep learning solutions for various end-devices including smartphones, machines and vehicles. It also uses deep learning techniques for power-efficient implementations across hardware, algorithms, and software.


Delivering excellence in Software R&D, Application Management, Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and BPO for clients worldwide, Infopulse has built a reputation as a trusted full-service solution provider.

Founded over 30 years ago, Infopulse today is represented in 7 countries across Europe and North America. Infopulse efficiently combines in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise to deliver enhanced business value to its customers. We provide technology services and solutions for Agriculture, Banking & Finance, E-Commerce & Retail, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Software & High-Tech, Telecom, and other industries.

Infopulse operates in accordance with European company culture, tolerance, and compliance, which is highly appreciated by both our clients and employees. As a part of TietoEVRY, one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics, Infopulse also strictly complies with the policies and guidelines set by the parent company. Infopulse is a certified partner of Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, Citrix, IBM, OpenText, and complies with the highest international corporate governance standards, being ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001 certified

InData Labs

InData Labs is a Data Science and AI-powered solutions provider that has offices in Belarus, Cyprus, Singapore, and the U.S with over 60 employees. Since 2014, they have successfully implemented more than 40 projects helping clients to implement face recognition-based systems, human body pose estimation and tracking solutions, recommender engines, image/video analysis and object detection, and NLP. InData Labs has its own R&D center operating in the sphere of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI Software Development. They serve midmarket and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries.


InData Labs developed a social analytics with tracking functionalities. They created an API and used Using Java, Python, and Kafka. InData Labs’ knowledge and skills impressed the client. 

“They provide advice and expertise on how we can implement features, which is very important for me.” – Project Manager,SMM Firm 


Sensory is a Silicon Valley based AI and deep learning software company, focusing on providing products and services to improve the user experience through embedded machine learning technologies such as voice, vision, and natural language processing. Moreover, Sensory’s TrulySecure uses a deep learning approach in our face and voice recognition algorithms.


MobiDev is a software development company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that was established in 2009. Their team of 200+ employees offers custom software development, mobile app development, internet of things development, and web development.


MobiDev provided an outsourced development for a dating app company. Their team developed the front- and backend of the app for iOS and Android using PhoneGap. The app quickly rose to one of the top 100 apps on the store and received positive feedback from users.

“Our application in the iTunes Store was ranked in the top 100 lifestyle apps out of 140,000 apps.” — Partner and Owner, Dating App Company


NVIDIA AI Platform for Developers’ GPU-accelerated deep learning frameworks offer flexibility to design and train custom deep neural networks and provide interfaces to commonly-used programming languages such as Python and C/C++, making NVIDIA one of the world’s leading deep learning developers.


We design softwares using deep learning that can recognize a number of data and images, understand spoken languages, overcome various problems, and work more effectively with high accuracy.

Webtunix provides machine learning and deep learning services according to your business requirements. Make the most of deep learning applications by Webtunix and gain maximum profits.

Plenty of Forecasting Models have been built using machine learning techniques like: Weather forecasting, flood forecasting, human and computer vision applications and many more. But there was a lack of accuracy while testing the model on validation time. So, deep learning has been invented and has overcome this problem of using massive amount of dataset for Model training to achieve better accuracy. Webtunix offers Deep Learning as a Service that comes under the Artificial Intelligence Consulting where you can get the consultation for Stock Market trading, Sports gaming predictive analysis, Human health diagnostic System, Weather Forecasting, Human and Computer Vision application, text to speech and speech to text, Chatbot Development applications and many more services.


Altoros AI solutions help businesses with mundane tasks. Altoros has 5 global offices. It has 18 years of experience and has completed 1400 projects. It has skills to deploy a network to cloud providers, AWS, GCP, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and Alibaba.


  • Altoros AI team is experienced in NLP, Visual recognition, Sentiment analysis, RPA, Behavior analysis, Recommendation system, etc.
  • Altoros has contributed to more than 50 open-source projects.


Deep Learning is developed to handle a large number of the dataset, to observe prototypes, and provide precise results. Technology Deep Learning is the subdivision of Machine Learning, but it possesses different functions and capabilities to deal with data. Deep Learning belongs to the sphere of artificial intelligence. The main goal is to examine the data and the results without human intervention by the machine.

The aspects of deep learning engineering such as sensory web-connected links and repetitive neural networks have been applied to the spheres containing:

So, what is Deep Learning used for? ServReality offers different sets of services except Dl, and ML, that cover VR/AR development, Artificial intelligence solutions and various aspects of game development.

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