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Java Vs Ruby on Rails – Which Is The Best Programming Language

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Java refers to a high-level, open-source, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. This language works as both compiled and interpreted platform because its source code first compiled into byte code and later interpreted by JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Java is one of the most-sought programming languages by top tech-giants like Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, Amazon, and more.

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Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, is also a high level, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language. Also, it is an interpreted, server-side scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan. GitHub, Shopify, Twitter, and, Airbnb are the top players using Ruby on Rails.

The major disadvantage of Ruby on Rails Vs Java development services is that when compared to compiled programs, the execution speed is slightly slow for other properties. 

Why Java is the best programming language?

Java refers to a special programming language based on the syntax of the C and C++ programming languages. Java development process was carefully carried out since its inception to ensure no severe errors occur in the future.

There are no pointers available in Java and therefore, the developers cannot accidentally access the wrong memory address. When you hire Java developers, they consider Java as the most-valued language, after all its easy to learn, object-oriented, secure, and computer-language independent programming language.

In a very short span, Java developers successfully compiled the language and made it very powerful and robust. As a result, Java has become a highly sophisticated and lightweight programming language, all for good reasons like pointers, multiple inheritances, and header files. Also, amazing features like exception handling, concurrency, and graphical user interface have been integrated into Java language, which makes it run on Windows, Linux, Unix derivatives, and MacOS, with variant processor substructures like ARM, x86, and PowerPC.

Advantages of Java

Some of the amazing advantages of Java include:

  • The multiplatform feature has helped developers develop applications using various technologies
  • If you are well-versed with the syntax, they are easy to alternate.
  • Java is a JDK, complete class library that can get exploited, thanks to its perfectly oriented feature that helps run on the virtual machine.
  • It allows developers to forget memory management without causing any errors
  • There are millions of books, documentation, community, and resources available online for assistance

When compared to Ruby on Rails, Java development services has proved to win the trophy, making it easier for developers to study the language and implement it on various applications.

Disadvantages of Java

  • When compared to Python or C#, the syntax looks quite cumbersome
  • It is not performance-driven, which is also an advantage for some developers
  • It is an ES for the creation of multimedia applications in Java
  • The generics are not entirely object-oriented. It means having multiple options to choose from can result in complicated decisions due to lack of ignorance.

Java Vs Ruby on Rails

FeaturesJavaRuby on Rails
CompilationJava is a compiled programming languageRuby is an interpreted scripting language and runs without compilation, and generate the byte code
StatementJava uses an import statement to load a packageRuby uses require statement to import a package or module.
Object OrientedJava’s classes consist of the objectsEverything in Ruby is Object-oriented including numbers, variables, and methods
Typed VariablesVariables are statically typed, which means they have a type associated with themVariables are dynamically typed in Ruby, which means they don’t have an explicit type associated with them
Member VariablesThe member variables in Java by default have the package access and declared as identifiers (public, private, and protected identifiers)The member variables in Ruby are all private.
Class and Method DefinitionA class in Java is defined using a class modifier which should begin with a capital letter. Also, class definitions have an access modifierRuby classes always begin with capital letter. Also, class definitions do not have an access modifier.
Roles and ResponsibilitiesIt conducts a clean software analysis, programming, building, testing, and debugging.Ruby keeps knowledge at the front-end like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JQuery.

What are the key differences between Java and Ruby on Rails?

Some of the key differences between both the programming languages include:

  • Java requires to be compiled before running an application, whereas Ruby doesn’t require any code compilation.
  • In Java only the classes are objects, whereas in Ruby everything is Object
  • Java variables are statically typed, whereas Ruby variables are dynamically typed
  • Member variables in Java have access identifiers like Private, Public and Protected, whereas, in Ruby, all the member variables are private by default
  • The Null value declaration varies in both Java and Ruby. Each uses different keywords. In Java the null value is declared using “Null”, whereas in Ruby, it is declared suing the “nil” keyword.
  • Casting in Java is different in ways that an object may get casted to other objects if the objects being casted are of the type of the objects being casted. However, in Ruby, casting is not required due to variables being dynamically typed and assigned to other types.
  • In Java, the methods will have package access by default and require a return type, whereas in Ruby the methods begin with “def” and end with an “end”.
  • Parentheses in Java method invocation is mandatory, whereas in Ruby it is not that necessary
  • A class in Java can extend to another class and also in the Ruby


Both Java and Ruby have its own share of perks when implemented. Also, both have specific features which helps to create feature-rich applications. However, if you ask a developer than he will suggest Java over Ruby on Rails for obvious reasons.

If you are still confused then hire Java developers from top renowned app development companies like ours to help you assist with end-to-end Java development services including custom project requirements and valuation.

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