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A Complete Guide to iPhone App Development Cost in 2022

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iPhone app development is the preference of many businesses because it generates higher revenues and better ROI.  

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Most importantly, this operating system is commonly known for its robust security. Nearly 30k applications were released through the App Store in December 2021, says Statista

Whether you have a startup or a large enterprise, the cost to build an app for iPhone should concern you.

In fact, the very first question every business owner puts up while consulting an iPhone App Development Company is how much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?

In this blog, we have prepared a special guide discussing the average estimation of iPhone App Development and what factors affect its cost. 

Factors Affecting the iPhone App Development Cost

  • iOS App Size

The first factor that directly impacts the iPhone app development cost is the app size. There are broadly three distinct app sizes:- small, medium, and large.

The app size has a significant role in deciding the iPhone app development cost because the change in size distinguishes the app’s roles and features. For instance, if you are building a small-sized iOS application, it will take less time and resources compared to the medium or larger-sized application.

In simple words, the bigger your iPhone app size will be, the more the price rate will increase.

  • Feature Complexity

Another primary aspect concerning the iPhone app development cost is the feature complexity. Integrating advanced features in an iOS app is the most significant cost generator, raising the pricing bar depending on the required time, effort, and technology. 

The more features you’ll add to your iPhone application, the better the user experience will be, and obviously, the price will take a drastic change.

Here is an estimated cost of an iPhone application depending on the standard, moderate, and advanced features. 

  • An iPhone app with basic features, like a calculator or scheduler, may cost you $5,000 to $50,000. 
  • An app with mid-level features includes API integrations, custom-UI, real-time messaging, etc. Its price falls between $30,000 to $1,00,000.
  • At last, an app with advanced features comes, like geolocation, payment integration, offline mode, or data encryption. And, it can cost you more than $1,00,000. 
  • UI and UX

If you want a rich user experience for your application, ensure to design an aesthetically-pleasing application with a smooth user interface. Perhaps, it brings us to another factor influencing the iPhone app development cost, where every detail is required. 

Specifically, the custom design is comparatively expensive because it is made from scratch, demanding extra effort, time, and resources. It also depends on the number of screens supported by an iPhone app or whether you want bespoke designs for your business or native design.  

An iPhone app development cost breakdown is based on different UI/UX factors, followed as:-

  • The UX design requires an interactive fidelity wireframe. 
  • Next is the UI designing, where mood boards and UI mockups are created and UI mockups are finalized. 
  • Afterward come animation and illustrations, where a visual representation connecting the end-users and on-screen content is created. 

So, these are some of the UI/UX factors that directly impact the iPhone app development cost.

  • App Category

The next factor that significantly impacts the iPhone app development cost is the app type. Every iPhone mobile application is entirely different from other apps in terms of features and functionalities. 

Look at the following list where we’ve explained the variation of app cost depending on different app types. 

  • eCommerce Apps

The estimated cost of an eCommerce application can be between $1500 to $25000, and the rest depends on the number of additional features or more customization you want for your online storefront to make it more engaging. 

  • Health & Fitness Apps

Health and fitness iOS applications will obviously have different features from eCommerce apps, like a fitness tracker or health recorder. However, the average price of a health & fitness app is around $5000 with basic features only. The real game-changer in the iPhone app development cost is integrating your app with wearable devices, increasing the app cost.  

  • Enterprise Apps

Similarly, an enterprise’s iOS app development cost varies from the other two applications because it is integrated with broader features and functionalities. The enterprise iOS-based app can be time-consuming, and its average cost is more than $50K.

  • App Development Location

App development location also plays a crucial role in deciding the iOS app building cost because the pricing chart varies from country to country. Every country has different app development costs on an hourly or monthly basis. 

For instance, the average development cost of the USA is nearly $80-$170 per hour. The rest depends on your business requirements and the iOS app development services you are hiring. 

  • Native vs. Cross-Platform

The iOS app development has two primary approaches- Native and Cross-Platform, and both of them have their pros and cons. Compared to Native platforms, cross-platform is slightly inexpensive but has several challenges, like limited UX or slow coding performance. 

Native platform, on the other hand, and its average cost is $1,00,000. The price may differentiate as the number of features or functionalities you add per your business requirements. If robust security and better scalability is your concern, you must opt Native platform.

  • App Maintenance Cost

The app maintenance cost is another cost-affecting factor. Don’t think that after developing an application, you’re free. The real game starts post-launch your iPhone application and requires constant maintenance to maintain your app’s position in the App Store.  

The cost maintenance of iOS-based applications includes bug fixing, latest OS updates, regular security checks, updating new features, etc. In short, if you want to keep your application in good condition, you have to pay an extra amount that can be about 15% to 20% of the actual development cost. 

Final Thoughts

On that note, we end our blog and hope that you have an idea of the estimated cost of the iPhone app development. However, there is no definite pricing as it will vary from UI/UX design, app type, feature complexity, location, etc. 

We’ll suggest you invest your time and money wisely to enjoy your app’s success. 


Q. Why should you choose an iPhone app for your business?

If you pick iPhone app development for your business, you’ll generate higher revenues as this operating system delivers better performance, business, and value to the user.

Q. What affects the iPhone app development cost?

Numerous factors directly impact the iPhone app development cost, for instance, app size, feature complexity, UI/UX design, app category, and more. 

Q. How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?

There is no definite cost of an iPhone app development. It may vary from various factors, like the app development location, app complexity, and most importantly, the price depending on your business requirements.

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