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How The Supply Chain Industry Is Using These 6 Data Analytics Applications To Solve Its Problems

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Data Analytics has seeped into the very nodes of every process that organizations carry out in the new-age business world.

To be competitive, organizations now rely on insights and information that will put them ahead of the competition, and let them track the performance of their activities and processes in real-time.

In the case of the supply chain, managers need to be proactive in managing potential challenges before they affect the organization so that they can prevent any major issues or bottlenecks that endanger their productivity or profitability. 

Here are few popular data analytics applications, that offers supply chain analytics for major companies worldwide:

Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

Ariba has for long been a trusted name in establishing a network of suppliers and buyers which has been useful in digitizing supply chain collaboration and tracking direct materials.

Empowered with this intelligence, Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration offers a module that can integrate the logistic operations from the supplier end into the supply chain on the buyer’s end, making collaboration and communication seamless and efficient. 

The Ariba platform essentially eliminates the need for updates and communication from other channels and unifies the two parties under the same platform, thus making information exchange easier and more efficient.

Many reputed companies around the globe use Ariba, for having a platform that lets them manage their vendors/suppliers, as well as their supply chain activities seamlessly within the same platform. 

Some of the top companies that use Ariba SCC for managing their supply chain activities include Accenture, Lloyds Banking Group, Henkel, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and BHP among several others. 

SAP Analytics

Among the many reputed companies that have been empowering organizations with digitized platforms to drive supply chain processes and analytics, it should come as no surprise that SAP tops the list many times.

While SAP offers digitized solutions for many business modules, Supply Chain is one of the most detailed and crucial ones.

The platform utilizes technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things to offer insights and predictive analytics that every supply chain department can use.

Equipped with end-to-end visibility and tracking, the module gives you a detailed overview of the supply chain and facilitates decision-making processes.

Some of the top companies that use SAP SC Analytics for their supply chain activities are Mitsubishi, AGCO, Cascades, Merck, and ERG among others. 

PeopleSoft Supply Chain Analytics

PeopleSoft is a robust supply chain module offered by Oracle, providing better visibility of the way your supply chain processes are functioning.

PeopleSoft SC Analytics not only lets you track the various nodes within your supply chain but also enables you to identify potential issues at early stages.

Moreover, it also allows you to make changes to your supply chain processes from the interface, so that you can manage and monitor your supply chain processes in real-time.

With PeopleSoft Analytics, you can not handle your warehousing capabilities, production line, and eliminate any critical bottlenecks before they affect your supply chain adversely. 

Some of the major companies that use PeopleSoft SC analytics for managing their supply chain activities are Cognizant, Boart Longyear, and Dallas Market Center among several others. 

Tableau Analytics

Just like SAP, Tableau has been a renowned name in providing automated solutions to take care of critical business functions in organizations of all sizes and forms.

Tableau also provides a supply chain module that performs at par with the other popular ones that have been mentioned here.

It offers an easily accessible visual environment, which facilitates advanced modeling and forecasting for enterprises.

The software also allows managers to get a detailed view of the primary supply chain metrics and allows the creation of new algorithms, thus making it adaptable and flexible to organizational needs.

The module also provides interesting customizations to fit the needs of different kinds of organizations, making it one-of-a-kind. 

Some of the top companies that use Tableau SCM analytics within their supply chain activities include PepsiCo, Mondelez, CooperVision, AmeriPride among many others. 

SAS Supply Chain Intelligence

SAS Supply Chain Intelligence does exactly what the name suggests and offers a wide array of insights and intelligence regarding supply chain activities and processes.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the software understands your demand patterns, supply chains, quality, and operations to offer you detailed insights into your processes.

It can combine data from various sources to create visually detailed analysis and information about the key metrics of your supply chain.

Companies prefer the product since it offers superior insights that can help in improving efficiency and profitability particularly in organizations that offer international shipping services.

Some of the top companies that use SAS Supply Chain Intelligence within their supply chain processes are Western Digital, Nestle, Office Depot, Levi Strauss & Co. among several other popular ones. 


VoxPilot is a new-age supply chain management software that integrates multiple aspects of data and management effectively.

The module helps managers in tracking supply chain activities in real-time and offers the past distribution center activities to offer insights on potential improvements.

The software provides options for managing warehouses, and distribution center activities along with the core supply chain processes seamlessly, so that all the information is integrated and managed effectively.

More importantly, the module raises flags about any potential problems that may surface at a later stage, and related root causes so that these issues can be managed in advance.

Some of the top companies that use VoxPilot for the management of their supply chain activities are Puerto Rico Supplies Group and Performance Food Group among a few others. 

Ending Remarks

Supply Chain Analytics can empower managers with the right insights and data required to manage supply chain processes which usually act as the backbone of any major demand and supply-driven organization.

Some of the solutions that have been mentioned here provide robust platforms for companies to monitor and manage their supply chain activities while focusing on increasing their efficiency and productivity, and more importantly the profitability of major organizations. 

Tim Robinson is Digital Marketing Manager at PACK & SEND, a 25+ years old and respected brand in eCommerce, logistics, and freight delivery solutions. Tim has 20 years of combined experience in sales and marketing. Logistics, D2C, franchising, business planning, and operations management are his core expertise. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.