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10 Top Text Analytics Companies in USA 2021

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Is it difficult to perform text analytics out of huge piles of text-based content? No more! ThinkDataAnalytics curates a list of Top Text Analytics Companies that can drive your way through the chaos of social media and review sites for greater engagements and results.

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Are you searching for ‘Best Text Analytics Companies’? ThinkDataAnalytics in-depth research will help you in your quest for leading text analytics company.

ThinkDataAnalytics researches and curates a list with service details and client reviews of each one. Following is the list of the best text analytics service providers:

List of Top Text Analytics Companies

Let’s explore all about text analytics along with some of the Top text analytics companies that are most popular USA.

  • Indium Software
  • Accubits
  • Queppelin
  • SetuServ
  • Amenity Analytics
  • Primer
  • Cortical.io
  • Prattle Analytics


Discover how Customized text analytics solutions from teX.ai can leverage your ‘organization-specific content’ to drive your business forward.

teX.ai’s powerful customizable preprocessor engine identifies and extracts objects of your interest in the nooks and crannies of your organization’s mails, text messages, tables, website, social media, archives or any documents of your choice.

teX.ai is a startup based on Indium Software’s SaaS software application, which is designed to convert complex text data into accurate insights using AI and machine learning.

teX.ai is a hands-on, intuitive text analytics tool built on Python libraries. The SaaS-based text analytics suite provides insights to enhance customer experience by processing raw text data using NLP, AI, and DL algorithms.

The startup has been successful in selling into banking, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, education, hospitals (healthcare), and lifesciences.

Company Overview

Website: https://www.tex-ai.com/
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Cupertino, California
Founded: 2020
Specialties: text analytics, sentiment analysis, NLP, text mining, text summarization, text extraction, text classification, data scraping , text analytics with python, text analytics software, text analytics tool, ai based text analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, text analysis, and data extraction

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Accubits Technologies is a full-service software provider offering product development and digital transformation services to Governments, Tech startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and Businesses. 

Accubits helps organizations to be future-proof through data-driven solutions for mobile, cloud, and web platforms. Accubits is headquartered in Virginia, USA and has offices in Australia, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, India,  Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, and Switzerland.  By focusing on emerging technologies and building a collective of unconventional thinkers and innovators, Accubits is on track to be a front runner during this industrial revolution we are witnessing.

Company Overview

Website: https://accubits.com/
Company size: 201-500 employees
Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia
Founded: 2012
Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AI, Custom Software Development, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Mobile Application Development, and Web Application Development


TEXT2DATA was originally started in 2014 as a Text Analytics SaaS startup in London. Our team has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and data analysis, with the exposure to Business Intelligence and Market Research industry.

Our mission is to deliver affordable, quality Text Analytics services to help the companies understand their customers better

It’s a widely accepted fact that around 80% of enterprise-relevant information originates from text-based, unstructured sources. Emails, social media, free-text survey questions and other sources hold massive, often untapped potential to dig deeper into customers’ experiences. Keeping track of this, and extracting useful customer experience information from it, is a growing challenge for many businesses.

In response to that challenge, we have created platform that uses NLP/ Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing) along with proprietary algorithms to deliver 100% cloud based text analytics services to your organization.

With the out of the box accuracy between 80-90% (compared to human average of about 80%), we can provide high quality text analytics solutions which can become a turnkey in your business.

Company Overview

Website: https://text2data.com/
Company size: 1-10 employees
Headquarters: Poznań, wielkopolskie
Founded: 2014
Specialties: Text Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, and Deep Learning


At Queppelin, we develop AR and VR Applications, Immersive Experiences for Advertisers, and integrate AI into these applications for long-term sustainability and have 11 years of experience. 

Our tech platforms have been showcased at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, and have impacted millions of users worldwide. We’ve developed VR platforms to help thousands of manufacturing staff to train better, AR platforms for museums and merchants, and mobile streaming platforms that stream billions of bytes of data every day.

Company Overview

Website: https://www.queppelin.com/
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana
Founded: 2010
Specialties: Android app development, iOS app development, Internet, Mobile product development, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Payment systems, Web development, PHP, .NET, Java, Custom web development, Beacon app development, Website/portal development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, and WebAR


SetuServ, a text analytics company, uncovers specific and granular insights from online reviews, social media commentary, survey feedback and chat logs. Established in 2012, the company is focused on building Voice of Customer solutions using natural language processing and curation. Its platform captures distinct product traits or topics contributing to both positive and negative sentiment as well as the weight of each specific trait as a component of sentiment, star rating, or NPS/CSAT score.

Company Overview

Website: https://www.setuserv.com/
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Founded: 2012
Specialties: Machine Learning, Human Computation, Text Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Market Research, Consumer Insights, Social Media Analytics, Customer Success, Voice of Customer, Data Analytics, Digital Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Automation, Big Data, Consulting, Data Mining , Customer intelligence, Product Development, and Business Analytics

Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics offers an innovative approach to text analytics, combining machine learning with NLP and other forms of artificial intelligence. Our technology is guided by industry experts, with the idea of solving actual business problems.

Company Overview

Website: https://www.amenityanalytics.com/
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 2015
Specialties: predictive analytics, investment, trading, fintech, machine learning, software applications, big data, wealth and asset management, artificial intelligence, text analytics, text data mining, natural , natural language processing, nlp, machine learning, natural finance language processing, unstructured text data, and Text Analytics API


Primer develops a text analytics solution that uses a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models to ingest large quantities of textual data (in multiple languages) and provide summaries of what it deems the most important information. It uses 6 computational engines to help it summarize and contextualize data. Primer claims that its platform is used by government agencies (including intelligence agencies), and Fortune 50 companies.

Company Overview

Website: https://primer.ai/
Headquarters: USA


Cortical is a startup inspired by the human cortex and developed an NLP engine called Retina API. It converts any kind of text in any language into a numerical representation of its meaning by a process called Semantic Finger Prints. This technology enables real-time NLP and it currently works only with the English Language while functionalities for other Languages are yet to be developed. They will be partnering with Numenta, to develop NLP products that will enable applications for sentiment analysis, automatic abstracting and AI dialogue systems.

Company Overview

Website: https://www.cortical.io/
Company size: 11-50 employees
Headquarters: Vienna
Founded: 2011
Specialties: Semantic Fingerprints, Enterprise Search, Classification, Streaming Text Filter, Keyword extraction, Natural Language Processing, Word disambiguation, Semantic Processing, Text Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Machine Intelligence, Contract Analysis, Customer Support, Semantic Search, and Natural Language Understanding

Prattle Analytics

Prattle Analytics provides quantitative signal scoring and directly tradable data from central bank communications for fixed income, currency and equity markets. They deploy textual analysis methods to provide investment decision-making solutions. Essentially they analyze all the speeches made by financial executives and politicians about financial policy, press releases, meeting minutes, a banks position on inflation et al. Their core product, the Fed Index, is a financial markets trading signal synthesized from their quantitative analysis of central bank sentiment. In May 2016, the company acquired LH Meyer, a macro forecasting and analytics firm.

Company Overview

Website: https://prattle.co/
Company size:11-50 employees
Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
Founded: 2014
Specialties: Text Analysis, Financial Data, Consulting, Central Banks, Macroeconomics, Investing, and Business Intelligence


Aylien offers text analysis applications to enterprises through APIs, SDKs and add-on in Google Sheets. AYLIEN Text API is a package of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning tools for extracting meaning and insight from textual and visual content. The features include Article Extraction, Concept Extraction, Entity extraction, Text Summarization, Category Classification, Semantic Labeling, Image Tagging, Sentiment Analysis, Hashtag Suggestion, Language Detection and Micro format Extraction.

Company Overview

Website: https://aylien.com/
Company size: 11-50 employees
Headquarters: Dublin, Dublin
Founded: 2012
Specialties: Text Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence

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