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Top 10 Leading Software Testing Companies in Singapore 2022

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Software testing companies in Singapore are regarded as business enterprises, which stand out of the ordinary in offering QA solutions of supreme quality for testing the software product.

Low-code Application Development Company

It provides a helping hand in creating software applications of supreme quality. Such software testing companies assure that the specific application offers a frictionless user experience to the potential audience with the execution of the software testing. From this article, you can seek information about the leading companies, offering software testing consulting in Singapore:

Indium Software

Founded: 1999

Employees: 1100

Services: Digital QA, Tool based testing services, Testing solutions, UphoriX – The specific Smart Test Platform

It is recognized to be the industry leader in software testing services in singapore, with an experience of two decades. They stand out of the ordinary in providing software testing solutions for AI/ML apps.

This specific company boasts expertise and expertise, as it tries to work with startups, small and medium-scale companies, and well-established brands. This company has gained high prominence in serving the potential audience across different sectors, such as Technology, Banking, Retail, Life Science, via different scalable and flexible models. It is equipped with the IP-led automation framework, which offers a helping hand to the potential audience in accomplishing the software testing requirements.

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Founded: 2009

Number of employees: 2009

Services: Mobile testing, Manual testing

It is another name worth mentioning in the list of companies offering Software QA Services in singapore. This company plays an integral role in accelerating the digital transformation. It is equipped with a team of software engineering analysts, which offer a helping hand in scaling faster. The digital transformation helps in gaining momentum, thereby bringing an evolution in digital acceleration. Such a process lays the foundation for resilient and efficient businesses capable of accomplishing the demands in no time.

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Founded: 2014

Employees: 50

Services: Automated testing, Mobile testing, Wearables testing, Manual testing.

It is one of the top Software testing companies in singapore, which helps in executing website testing. They are known to cooperate with different business enterprises in various parts of the globe. Such a team is known to bring qualified specialists in the software testing sector. This company offers a helping hand in growing the business on a wide scale. It provides the excellent choice to the potential audience in seeking the business objectives and goals.

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Founded: 2008

Employees: 100-200

Services: Web application testing, automated testing, mobile application testing, manual testing.

It is regarded as one of the best-in-class Qa software testing services in Singapore known to work with startups, medium-scale businesses, and brands across different industries. This company brings an improvement in the testing and quality assurance environment of the complicated social media analytic services. In addition, this company offers improved Quality assurance by paying the prerequisite attention to the customer’s data storage security and privacy.


Founded: 2009

Number of Employees: About 200

Services: Load testing, Security testing, Automated testing, Web application testing, Mobile testing.

It is recognized as one of the best-in-class Software testing service providers in Singapore with testing centers in Kryvyi Rih and Cherkasy. This company stands second to none in offering software testing solutions of high excellence. In addition, this company stands second to none in providing different services to various industries, such as healthcare and banking. It boasts of flexible QA and customizable testing processes.


Founded: 2002

Employees: 800

Services: API testing, Automation testing, Mobile testing, Functional testing, Sales testing.

QASource is recognized as a popular Software testing services company in singapore, which offers the complete suite of different QA testing solutions. It is influential in launching the software faster in no time. With a team of highly experienced software testers, they have become widely popular in offering software solutions in nearshore and offshore locations. This company stands out of the ordinary in offering software testing solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies.


Founded: 2004

Employees: 450

Services: Offshore software testing solutions

It is one of the top Software testing outsourcing companies in Singapore that stand out of the ordinary in offering supreme quality software testing services. With an experience of more than 16 years in the industry, they have gained high prominence in providing outstanding solutions to startups, enterprises for the simplification of the IT sourcing experience. In addition, it brings a reduction in the costs and time for marketing.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced software solutions, this company generates the supreme quality of solutions, adding value to different businesses.


Founded: 2013

Employees: 1001-5000

Services: Test Consultant, Non-functional, NextGen, Functional, DevOps.

It is another worth mentioning software testing company, which has high specialization in the software testing sector. This company offers assistance to the potential audience in transforming the QA functions. It is helpful in decreasing the production defects. It is equipped with a team of highly experienced testers, who are known to focus on test automation, CI/CD, and other shift-left methodologies.


Founded: 1997

Employees: 1001-5000

Services: Risk-based testing, Managed software testing solutions, Strategic consultation, Project-based testing.

It is another notable name in the list of companies, offering Outsourced software testing services in singapore. It brings an improvement in the processes and quality through innovative and automation solutions. The software testing organization boasts of software testing facilities, which allow you to manage the software testing without any challenges. It stands out of the ordinary in providing on-demanding software testing solutions with AI without any challenges. Few of the major clients of this company include Microsoft, Multiplan, EADS, BSkyB, Lunchbox, Stratus Technologies, AVAYA, Fuji Medical, and Ministry Health Care.

Octal Info Solution

Founded: 2007

Employees: 150

Services: Mobile testing, Advanced testing

It is worth mentioning a software testing company considered the perfect combination of technically advanced and creative mobile solutions for inspiring, transforming, and innovative businesses. Moreover, it offers a helping hand in enhancing the return on investment of the business.

This company offers supreme quality software testing solutions in entertainment, media, healthcare, leisure, travel, manufacturing, education, lifestyle, banking, retail, and different service establishments.

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