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Top 10 .Net Development Companies in India 2023

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Microsoft .Net, essentially, is a tech framework that several businesses today depend on to create scalable, quality, and reliable apps for mobile, web, and desktop platforms. With the .Net framework, one can create an array of apps, from accounting, warehouse, and inventory apps to mobile apps, websites, and XML services. 

Low-code Application Development Company

This programming language, coupled with the vast API set, helps you develop tech solutions that meet all your requirements. 

There are several top .Net development companies that work from nearshore, onshore, and offshore locations. They provide different .Net services, such as custom app development, web development, desktop app development, etc. However, selecting a reliable and skilled .Net development agency that can help you create a good software app and deliver higher returns can be difficult. 

Hence, to assist you in finding the best .Net development agency, we have compiled a list of the ten top dot Net development companies in India that are worthy of your attention.


Being one of the top .Net development companies in India, eSparkBiz has a team of skilled .Net developers who strive to offer proper guidance and optimal support in developing perfect business apps, embedded systems, BI dashboards, and more. Their .Net development method is extremely adaptable. They develop a custom service solution for every client based on their project requirement.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, their expert team of 50+ in-house dedicated .Net developers has delivered over 1,000 successful projects using advanced, dynamic .Net business solutions. Being well-experienced with all Microsoft tools such as Core, ASP, and others, their developers provide well-rounded, portable products inclusive of all the latest features to help your business expand effectively. 

Cigniti Technologies

The agency is a renowned IP and AI-led digital engineering and digital assurance services agency that helps companies worldwide boost digital transformation and become ‘digital-first.’ Their digital business methodology serves as a template for creating, scaling, and releasing new products. 

Cigniti Technologies is headquartered in Hyderabad, India, and has a team of more than 4,000 expert developers that keep themselves updated with the latest .Net development trends to develop the most distinct solutions for their clients. 

Flatworld Solutions

Next on our list of top dot Net development companies is Flatworld Solution, a diverse outsourcing services provider in India, with more than 18,000 clients in 167 nations. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Flatworld also has offices stationed in the UK and the US. 

Their team of well-trained and experienced team leaders, executives, company heads, and managers can offer superior quality services for a broad range of client needs. They can help you leverage world-class technologies to create effective .Net-powered solutions and scale your business. 


SynapseIndia is another popular .Net development company headquartered in Noida, India. The .Net development is a crucial range of skills of the software developers at this agency, who’re well versed with the latest innovation systems and patterns and offer exemplary services to clients. 

They ensure the best-quality .Net outcomes that meet your business requirements and objectives at budget-friendly prices. From characterising and creating to testing and support, SynapseIndia guarantees the best IT solutions and consistent results that help you gain the best possible output.


TatvaSoft has grabbed a strong reputation for delivering top-notch IT solutions and the most advanced digital services. Founded in 2001, the company is a well-known name amongst the top .Net development companies in India, offering a range of tech solutions, including .Net development, Java, Angular, and PHP. 

Their software engineers are amongst the finest in the world. They are committed to empowering businesses of all sizes and shapes with world-class solutions to prosper in today’s highly competitive business space. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the company also has offices in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

Konstant Infosolutions

As incredible as the other top .Net development companies, Konstant Infosolutions pioneers the creation of top-class software for different industry domains. With its office in Jaipur, India, the company has over 180 highly skilled software developers serving clients worldwide with rewarding tech solutions. 

They strive to succeed in developing and inventing the most advanced IT solutions, including .Net development, AR/VR, cross-platform, web, and mobile apps. They translate such technologies into a value-packed outcome for their clients, giving them ground-breaking services and helping them tap their full potential.

Nextwebi IT Solutions

Nextwebi is a web development agency in Bangalore, offering major services like responsive web designing, web apps, .Net development, etc., to start-ups and established organisations. It is one of India’s most trusted and experienced web development companies that serves international and domestic clients.

The team of software developers at Nextwebi present and develop new ideas, concepts, and solutions for the prosperity of their clients. Referred to as one of the top .Net development companies, it strives to maintain a prominent professional level and offer the best-in-class IT solutions to clients from different industry verticals.  

Vofox Solutions

When it comes to .Net, Vofox is one the best and finest offshore .Net development companies based in Kochi, India to partner with for quality and reliability. It has consistently delivered high-quality, cost-efficient, and scalable IT solutions to its clients worldwide since the year 2005 with complete expertise, professionalism, and passion. 

Vofox offers various services, including web development, software development, etc. Besides, the team at Vofox consists of world-renowned .Net developers, software developers, and web developers. To provide top-rated .Net and web app solutions, the team ensures to stay updated with the latest tech trends that surpass client expectations. 

Evia Global

Evia Global is a renowned provider of leading business solutions, delivering exceptional value across different domains, including web development, software development, .Net solutions, etc. The company merges deep knowledge with tech expertise in various industries to offer solutions that accelerate competitiveness. 

Providing quality services since 2004, Evia Global has offices in Mumbai, India and the US and Canada. So far, the company has served the IT requirements of over 500 clients worldwide across different industry verticals, including the financial service sector. Evia Global’s vision is to help businesses leverage the latest technology to scale their business and boost their success rate. 


Last on our list of the top .Net development companies is InfoPie, your one-stop tech partner. It is an acclaimed software development company headquartered in Pune, India. The company offers superior business solutions at cost-effective rates across all leading tech-related areas.

InfoPie offers numerous services that cover IT, cloud, and .Net development services, backed by leading technical depth and industry expertise. Established in 2016, the company comprises an expert team of IT professionals that create custom solutions per the varying clients’ demands. They cater to several requirements by utilizing the most recent technologies.

Wrapping Up

The Microsoft .Net framework is here to stay and is a helpful tool for creating state-of-the-art software, web, and mobile applications. Moreover, it will continue working alongside other languages and libraries, including Angular, React, and other popular JavaScript libraries that work in Microsoft Visual Studio.

The aforementioned .Net development companies in India are in high demand to build tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of businesses from different industry domains.

So, make sure to do your research and outsource your .Net requirement to a reputed development company in India today to get out-of-the-box tech solutions at competitive rates and quick turnaround time. 

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