Top 8 Contact Center Software Providers in the USA 2022

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The Statista Research Department reported that the contact center software industry is expected to reach $72.04 Billion by 2027. This is mainly due to the demand for the use of a contact center as a software (CCaaS) among numerous organizations.

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This trend will continue to rise, especially if the current estimate of 2027 is expected to be higher than pre-COVID19 estimates. Contact center softwares canenhance further customer experience through an omnichannel contact center solution especially since 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company (Microsoft). 

The current statistics on contact center software in the USA

This is the current estimate on the global call center market size from 2020 to 2027. It amounted to $339.4 billion  in 2020. This is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. It even tops the retail value of the luxury goods market in the global fashion industry. The contact center industry is expected to grow steadily in the coming years. It is projected to grow a value of $496 billion  by 2027 (Statista Research Department, 2022)

How do these numbers impact American consumers?

Since the demand for companies to be more connected to consumers has increased, a large American population is more connected to a brand than ever before. The amount of branded communication from email, calls, text, and social media is rising. Customer engagement is becoming essential for companies. It was estimated that a typical buyer would spend around 3-5 days communicating with a brand before making a purchase. 

Companies are slowly moving from advertisement to a more robust customer engagement strategy with the use of an omnichannel contact center solution. Having a telephone line is not enough anymore in the current sales and marketing landscape. That is why companies are investing in contact center software which allows them to manage their communication channel seamlessly. 

Take a look at the top 8 grossing contact center softwares in the USA. The link and description of each software are included. This is a curated list of contact softwares that will help you step up your business communication with your customers. 

Top 8 contact center software providers in the USA


LiveAgent is a software that is customer-centric and aims to end bad service and win customers over. The platform is described as a help desk software that streamlines multiple channels into a unified ticketing system. LiveAgent gives business solutions for start-ups and corporations, enterprises, government, education, and NGOs. They also provide industry solutions for eCommerce and services, travel and accommodation, marketing and telecommunication, and entertainment. 

Their advanced product features an auto ticketing system, rules and workflow automation, callback automation, built-in CRM, predefined templates, and splitting and merging tickets. This is to help businesses organize their incoming tickets, solve them on time, and improve team performance. LiveAgent can be integrated with more than 50 applications like WordPress, Shopify, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, and Slack, 

They were awarded recently as Winter 2022 Leader from SourceForge, Slashdot Leader Winter 2021, and Best Ease of Use from Capterra in December 2021. Getting or scheduling a demo requires you to fill out your full name, email, and phone number. You will also need to fill them in with your preferred specific features, your number of agents, and your language preference.  It comes with a lifetime free plan consisting of a single email address, one chat button, and limited social media assets. The plan starts from $15 per agent monthly for a single ticketing system to $49 per agent monthly for an all-inclusive channel. 

Other features include: 

  • Ticketing System
  • Live chat
  • Call center software
  • Social media help desks
  • Customer service reporting
  • Customer portal feature
  • Mobile help desk apps


Dixa is a customer engagement platform that aims to provide better customer conversation using different communication channels. The software is intended to help agents create a friendly atmosphere in delivering customer service. Dixa’s target industries are eCommerce, food, grocery, fashion, design, professional services, consumer technology, and the travel industry. 

Aside from being a multichannel platform, it features automation and routing, reporting and analytics, team management, and customer feedback. Dixa can be integrated with 35 applications, with some feature integrations being SentiSum, Stella Connect, and Klaus. It has verified reviews from G2, Capterra, Getapp, and Softwareadvice. 

Getting a demo requires you to fill out your full name, work email, phone number, and the number of agents you have. It also prompts you to opt-in with their marketing newsletters, and consent to use/store personal data. There are three plans with Dixa: Starter, Advanced, and Unlimited. There is no price posted on their website. Prices may depend on companies’ budget during a demo.

Other features include:

  • Full-featured phone system
  • Email inbox
  • Chat channel
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp messaging 


Aloware is a cloud-based contact center solution that is suitable for omnichannel communication. It aims to provide a seamless platform for businesses to foster customer relationships and bring customers to the channels they prefer. Their software is suited for industries such as real estate, law firms, finance, solar power, recruitment, and automotive. They cater to almost 200 companies worldwide. 

Aloware’s contact center automation and power dialer are best for sales teams who want to close more deals through lead nurturing. All its software features are designed to manage inbound and outbound call center services.  Aloware can be integrated with CRM such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Guesty, and Zoho. You will have a phone system inside the native CRM and vice versa with their integration. 

G2’s winter reports for 2022 showed that Aloware ranked at #1 in the Implementation Index, #5 in Usability Index, and #3 in the Relationship Index. They also received Capterra shortlist 2021, SoftwareAdvice Front Runners 2021, and GetApp leaders 2021. Booking a demo requires you to provide your full name, company, company email, phone number, and team size.  Aloware offers three pricing plans: iPro, uPro, and xPro. You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. Price starts at $35 per agent. The details per plan are also posted on their pricing page. 

Other features include: 

  • Contact center automation
  • CRM Phone system
  • Power dialer
  • Sales Automation
  • SMS/MMS Capabilities
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calls
  • Zoho, Hubspot CRM Integration, and more

Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center, formerly Freshcaller, is a cloud-based contact center software that helps businesses connect with customers at a low cost. It requires zero phone hardware and lets customers set up their contact center in a few steps. They provide services to industries like retail and eCommerce, software and IT, travel, logistics, real estate, banking, finance, NGOs, education, insurance, and healthcare. 

Freshdesk’s main features are voice and email inbox manager. Advanced features include the option to play music while on hold, automated attendants, and a unique VoIP number that can be dialed anywhere. Their contact center platform can be integrated with more than 100+ apps in their marketplace. Popular integrations include WhatsApp, Slack, Shopify, Salesforce, MS teams, and MailChimp. 

The software has 118 reviews with an average of 4.0/5.0 rating in G2 reviews. They have no recent certifications from any other independent software marketplace. Starting a free trial only requires you to sign in using a Google account or an email. You can have a 21-day free trial with all of the plans from their Support Desk and Omnichannel platform. Price starts at $15 on the Support Desk and $29 on the Omnichannel platform. 

Other features include:

  • Team Inbox
  • Parent-child Ticketing
  • Omnichannel system
  • Scheduling Dashboard
  • Chatbot powered by Freddy AI
  • Widget customization
  • Custom ticket forms

Vitel Global

Vitel Global is a cloud-based phone system provider for businesses that require professional communication features. They claim to give solutions that can give superior sound quality, call recording, conference merging, and other similar features.  They provide services mainly to telecommunication industries and most services are modified according to their evaluation of clients’ setbacks and needs. 

Vitel Global features products like Cloud PBX solution, internet and data, email servers, IP phone, and CRM integrations. The company aims to let the client keep their existing phone and vFax numbers, port with fees, and implement porting with an advisor. Their cloud phone system can be integrated with CRM links and their popular integrations are from Job Diva, Ceipal, Conrep, and Nimble Accounting. Vitel Global received a recognition reward from CIO Coverage Magazine in 2021. CIO is a digital magazine that attracts business technology leaders with expertise in peer insight and other business matters. 

To request a quote, you need to specify the number of employees, timeframe, data connection, name, email, phone number, and where you heard about Vitel Global. There are three price plans on their website: Premium Cloud PBX Unlimited, Small Enterprise Unlimited, and Pay As You Go. Each of the plans can be customized based on the quote provided after request. 

Other features include:

  • Portability to VoIP system
  • Remote Voicemail access
  • Ring groups
  • Branch office support
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Call recording and reporting


Intulse is a VoIP business provider and VoIP hosting systems for businesses and cloud-based phone systems with claim for speed and flexibility covering small and large companies. They serve three markets: financial, insurance, and church ministries. Their main products are softphones and cloud-based phone systems with the ability to connect to popular CRM packages. Intulse can be integrated with Goldmine, Elexio ChMS, Eagle BMS, Church Community Builder, AgencyBloc, etc. 

Recent rating from Capterra is 4.6/5.0 and 3.0/5.0 from G2 with a 5.0 rating from Google and Facebook. To get started with Intulse service you have to give your full name, organization, phone number, email address, number of users, and your current CRM listed on their dropdown list. VoIP Pricing Per User starts at $37-$52 for 2-4 users up to $22-$32 for 50+ users. 

Other features include:

  • Software Dashboard
  • CRM Integration
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • IVR Menus
  • Call Recording

Fuze contact center

Fuze is a cloud-based enterprise contact center and unified communications software. They aim to modernize the communication experience and entrust the digital workforce to be able to communicate across devices anytime and anywhere. Fuze caters to industries such as media, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, professional services, retail, and manufacturing. 

Their three main products are for calls, meetings, and the contact center platform. The Fuze Integration ecosystem can be integrated with Bullhorn CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Netsuite, and Zoho CRM. In Q3 2019, the company has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave Unified-Communications-As-A-Service (UCaaS) Providers. 

To schedule a demo, you need to provide your name, company, email address, business phone, country, and the number of employees. There are three plans available: Core, Enhanced, and Premier. There is no pricing information indicated on their website. 

Other features include: 

  • Agent access
  • CRM and Helpdesk
  • Fuze user directory
  • Presence integration
  • Click-to-call
  • Dedicated routing

Genesys PureConnect

Genesys PureConnect is an omnichannel software solution that aims to deliver quick setup, simple administration, flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness for mid-size to large organizations. They serve organizations such as banking, BPO, government, healthcare, insurance, and retail. Their main product features for their omnichannel solutions are call center software, email, chat, and text messaging. 

Genesys integration can be categorized into three: Genesys Cloud CX integrations, Genesys Multicloud CX integrations, and Global Strategic Alliances. Each category has its own native integrations. In 2021, the company was labeled as Leader in Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service by Gartner positioning themselves as the software with the highest execution ability. 

Booking a demo only requires you to put your work email and telephone number to secure an appointment. Genesys has three plans: Genesys Cloud CX 1, 2, and 3 which starts at $75 to $140 monthly. 

Other features include:

  • Voice service
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Digital customer engagement
  • Workforce engagement management

Deciding to get a contact center software

Whether you are a startup, mid-size, or enterprise, your business needs an assessment before choosing a software that will fit the needs and budget of your company. Look into how you operate your sales, marketing, and channel partners. See how your team wants to engage with your prospect and customer. Clear out the unnecessary channel that is not suitable for your brand. This way, you can have a better understanding in choosing the right contact center software that works best for you. 

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