Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools in 2022

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Cloud Migration: An Essential or A Choice

The face of our business world is drastically changing with the rise of Industry 4.0. Operational efficiency and customer service behaviour are demanding a hi-tech and omnipresent performance, Especially after the havoc which Covid 19 has made in the past one and half years. These adversities or simply the opportunity to survive and sustain have forced the organization to move from on-premises infrastructure to cloud platform or simply upgrade the present cloud data centre. Hence, We can conclude that cloud migration is not a choice; it has become essential for firm business establishment.

The third category of movement, also known as reverse cloud migration, is taking the data from the cloud database to the off-premises ecosystem. These obsolete initiatives would be the rarest of the rare sight in any business sector.

Need of a Cloud Migration Tool

Well, A Cloud Migration tool is a facilitator in the form of software solutions, hardware device, or an available service that enables or assist the movement of data and information from the local data centre to the cloud platform easily and effectively. Hence, To explore the new world of cloud technology, you need to figure out a Cloud Migration Service Providers for the accomplishment of the process.

Essential Features of Cloud Migration Solution

The Cloud Migration tool should be capable enough to assess through your current infrastructure, understand the dynamics of database and assist the journey of data, applications, and workloads from legacy infrastructure to a chosen cloud environment, further optimising the post-migration affairs. So Migration tools are particularly the suite of technology incorporated by the Cloud Migration Consulting Company to give an end-to-end solution to the clients and customers.

A few vital features of a cloud migration solution are:

  • Ensure the optimization of the end-to-end migration journey
  • Assure complete compatibility with chosen cloud infrastructure
  • Initiate the pre-migration assessment
  • Enable the application and data migration
  • Give meaningful insights for streamlined cloud performance

These apparatuses are informed by the vendor organization’s broad involvement with executing various cloud movement projects throughout the long term. They can likewise incorporate restrictive innovations, for example, performance analysis models or AI. Thus, you gain solid support while changing your framework to another climate and during the beginning of cloud activities – until you are prepared to expand the maximum capacity of your recently constructed cloud scene.

Top-Notch Cloud Migration Tools for the Next Decade

As per the research of Market, The global cloud migration market will grow by $9.5 billion. This stats is vivid evidence that cloud platforms for data storage, processing, accessibility, and sharing will flourish like anything. Be it any industry or marketplace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government ministry affairs, education, IT, healthcare, hospitality, or tourism; Cloud computing technology would be the leading spearhead of the entire business functionality.

So, The prominently recommended cloud migration tools are:

Azure Migrate:

Microsoft brings to you an Azure migration service that enables you to migrate to Azure cloud infrastructure. Surprisingly, it offers you migration from virtuaL machines, physical servers, and cloud-to-cloud implementations.

Key features of Azure migrate are:

  • End-to-and support in the migration journey
  • Offers compatibility with chosen cloud destination
  • Delivers pre-migration assessment
  • Enables migration for both applications and data centre
  • Performance optimization

AppDynamics (Cisco): 

AppDynamics is another booming company that enables you to fetch a deep insight into the application’s performance. The integration of AppDynamics with the Cisco product brings an exceptional tool for cloud migration.

Key features of AppDynamics are:

  • Disburse pre and post-migration support 
  • Gets compatible with cloud destination
  • Gives real-time performance insights
  • A quick analysis of performance

AvePoint Migration: 

AvePoint is another service provider among Top Cloud Migration Consulting Company that holds a high degree of expertise in Office 365 and SharePoint scenarios with immense capability in simplifying cloud-based modernization processes.

Key Features of AvePoint Migration are:

  • Offers migration as a service (MaaS)
  • Shows solo compatibility with M365
  • Discover governance and hardware loop-holes in pre-migration project
  • Enables migration of data from on-premises to M365 location
  • Get a detailed overview of the job report and content validation

Carbonite Migrate: 

Carbonite, A Legacy Application migration company that OpenText had lately acquired in 2019 gives a wide-scale solution for personal, professional, and enterprise range, encouraging cloud to back-onsite migrations.

Key features of carbonite migration are:

  • Compatible with most of the operating system
  • Monitor cloud journey from start to end
  • Automated workflows to draft the migration journey
  • Zero downtime data configuration
  • Fetch insights for performance optimization


CloudM is another high-demand Cloud Migration Solution and data backup tool that lets you manage the migration either by yourself or by installing an expert-managed suite.

Key features of cloud are:

  • Self-managed or service migration for onboarding and offboarding journey
  • Keen support for Google Workspace, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365
  • Environment screening and readiness evaluation in pre-assessment session
  • Support content migration spanning email, calendars, files, archives, and other information
  • Meaningful and actionable insights for cloud and user adoption


This delivers support for 20 plus cloud storage providers. On top of that, it also encourages security and metadata migration. It holds an exceptional USB of being compatible with a broad base of cloud-based content systems to ensure     management, security, and migrating permission.

Key features of Cloudsfer are:

  • Manage data and application transfer with the centralised interface and third-party data point
  • Compatible with clod destinations like Google Drive, OneDrive, Office 365 & AWS
  • Scale-up and scale down the migration as per the feasibility of the database
  • Generate reports and road maps to figure out the authentic system of migration 

Google Cloud:

Google Cloud is another vibrant migration platform for bulk and small resources. The five major tactics of google cloud migration are Analys, data transfer, application transfer, customization.

Key features of Google Cloud are  

  • Robotics integration, 
  • Disruptive technologies 
  • Agile approach. 


It’s a big shroud of Amazon Web Services.  

Key features that bring various benefits and productive attributes are: 

  • It improves data security so that you get assured protection against digital attacks. 
  • It gives outstanding devices like AWS inspector that is itself an exceptional gadget to the users. 
  • AWS has multiple data storage bases such as Snowball, Glacier, and a lot more. 
  • It incorporates an excellent framework for operational efficiency. 

Turbonomic Cloud:

This cloud migration facilitation is a prior choice for media, retail, banking, finance, and the healthcare industry.  

Key features of Turbonomic are: 

  • Better compliance behaviour and asset tracking ability. 
  • Outstanding service and workflow management.  
  • Scheduling, monitoring, and automation of operational approach 
  • Excellent reporting and visualization 


The unique features of Velostrata are the maximum risk control facility that improves migration efficiency and flexible attributes. It brings on a customized approach to transfer files, folders, and applications.  

Key features of Velostrata are: 

  • Support wide range of cloud service  
  • Enables better data migration  
  • Make server migration possible  
  • Discovers new patterns of computing service 
  • Project management and dashboard visualization 

Final Word:

Be it Windows Server Migration to Azure, ERP Migration to Azure, SAP Migration to Azure, AWS To Azure Migration, or Azure to AWS migration. The most vital requirement for this accomplishment is a cloud migration consultant that plans, drafts, executes, and assists in the company’s pre and post-migration.

So, don’t be late. It’s better to change with the trending business demands of the market. Analyse and select any migration consultant like Microsoft partners and let your operational behaviour gives the best for employee and consumer experience.

Michael Donald is a senior IT Consultant at leading Cloud Computing Consulting Company, Bitscape. I have unified experience in adding values to the existing technological architecture of various businesses. During my professional journey, I have tackled a wide range of challenges and have built the ability to work through challenging issues for any industry.