Top Cloud Migration Companies

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Though the benefits of cloud migration are tempting, there are many factors to consider. Cloud migration companies will assist you with a detailed analysis of your current environment, a detailed plan of migration, the selection of a suitable environment, and finally the migration itself.

Moreover, you have to take into account the deployment time and compatibility of applications and projects. Also, your potential cloud migration company needs to have expertise in DevOps, Microservices Architecture, Data Warehousing, etc.

So how to find a cloud migration company that can understand your business needs, has enough engineering capabilities and expertise to meet them, and can become a software development partner to rely on?  

To assist you on this challenging path, we have researched top cloud migration companies worldwide and come up with the list of 10 cloud migration companies with a proven reputation in the market. To choose the most reliable ones and assess their talent pool and experience, we have browsed their LinkedIn accounts, websites, and portfolios, as well as studied multiple other sources, such as top cloud migration companies’ profiles on Clutch.Co,, and other research platforms. 

We have included the information on what migration and transformation services they provide, which cloud deployments they support, and what types of companies they usually work with.

Here is a list of Top 10 Cloud Migration Companies

List of Top Cloud Migration Companies in USA

  • Indium Software
  • IT Svit
  • N-iX
  • Navisite Services
  • Scale Focus
  • The APP Solutions
  • ProMX AG
  • Concise Software
  • SoftwareONE

Indium Software

Indium`s Cloud migration approach leads to process efficiency, reduced risks and lesser downtime.

Our Cloud migration services are focused on providing an optimal TCO after a seamless transition. We provide enterprises with the required tooling, automation, and experience to successfully execute a safe cloud migration journey.


Monitor real-time performance issues to expedite and simplify migration while reducing risk, maximising resource efficiency, and ensuring that all teams are aligned with your business objectives.

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration

IT Svit

This cloud migration company performs the transition to the cloud from the legacy systems or migration between clouds. Moreover, the vendor designs, implements, and optimizes cloud infrastructure. With more than five years of experience in delivering cloud migration services for projects of any scope, their professionals provide services for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. 

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N-iX is an Eastern European software development company with over 1,000 tech experts. The company helps businesses across the globe boost their engineering capabilities and has long-standing experience in Cloud Solutions, Big data analytics, data science, BI, DevOps, migration to the microservices architecture, and more. 

With more than 17 years on the market, the company was recognized with numerous industry awards, including GSA UK 2019, Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies by IAOP, and others. 

The cloud migration company can help you with every stage of the cloud development lifecycle, from designing the most viable cloud migration roadmap to production maintenance. It helps businesses safely transition to the cloud, cut infrastructure costs, and achieve more flexibility. The company provides cloud development services with support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Navisite Services

Navisite is a modern managed cloud service provider that accelerates IT transformation for thousands of growing and established global brands.

Through our deep technical knowledge and strategic relationships with the world’s leading cloud providers, proven delivery methodologies, platform-agnostic approach and worldwide network of highly specialized experts, we provide the capabilities and practical guidance customers need to successfully embrace IT change and move their businesses forward. 

Aws Cloud Migration Services

AWS Cloud infrastructure is already the most popular cloud solution among both the private and public sectors, and their cloud migration tools remain top-notch. AWS Cloud Migration Services features multiple tools to fit your specific use case.

AWS Application Migration Services (AWS MGN) is AWS’s main cloud migration tool, and it is designed to transition your traditional infrastructure into cloud architecture in a matter of minutes. AWS MGN continuously replicates your servers and applications meaning there will be minimal if any downtime, allowing you to continue everyday business functions during the migration with little to no interruptions.

For a more detailed breakdown of AWS and the specific migration solutions they provide check out this article on AWS Migration Services.

Cloud Migration Features

  • Continuous transfers and replications that minimize downtime of applications
  • Migration services are built into the AWS Management Console allowing volume based cost savings through AWS Consolidated Billing
  • Can transfer petabytes of data instantly through the AWS Snow Family

Scale Focus

Cloud migration consulting is one of the main specialities of the vendor. Their professionals provide cloud transformation and migration services with support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company has expertise in DevOps and CloudOps to help migrate businesses from healthcare, telecom, and other industries. 

The APP Solutions

This cloud migration company provides cloud consulting and big data consulting services. The company offers cloud migration, optimization, automation, and Hybrid Cloud development. Their specialists build solutions with support for AWS and Google Cloud. The company helped businesses in education, marketing, and other industries to migrate data to the cloud.  


This cloud consulting service provider assists businesses with cloud migration and digital transformation. Their experts build solutions with support for Azure specifically. The cloud migration consulting company operates in industries such as business services, consumer products and services, information technology, and manufacturing.

Concise Software

This German cloud migration services provider bases its solutions on AWS and utilizes Canonical for server orchestration. Their specialists help businesses with every phase of planning, design and cloud infrastructure. The company typically works with businesses in such industries as consumer products and services, automotive, and healthcare move their data to the cloud. 


This cloud consulting company helps to deploy a cloud-based solution and manage your data in the data center or a multi-cloud environment. Their professionals build solutions for various cloud providers such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. They also offer development of cloud migration strategies.