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Top 10 Machine Learning Companies In India 2023

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A subset of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning(ML). It is predicated on the notion that computers are capable of learning from the data provided to them, through pattern recognition for decision-making using data without much human involvement.

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Numerous companies all around the world are utilizing ML for predictive analysis, segmentation, fraud detection, identifying market trends, minimizing customer churn, and exponential business growth. Companies all across the world are increasingly using Machine Learning. And it’s only anticipated that this industry will expand in the years to come. 

By 2027, the Machine Learning market is projected by GlobeNewswire to grow to $117.9 billion.

Do you want to employ or incorporate Machine Learning into your company? If so, you have come to the correct place.  

List of Top 10 Trusted Machine Learning Companies in India 2023

1. eSparkBiz 

Over the past 12 years, eSparkBiz Technologies has provided services to 500+ clients in over 20 different countries. It strives to serve ideas with the most up-to-date solutions to succeed with its expertise in mobile and web development technology.

The company provides you with all-inclusive AI & ML development services, including software development and AI consultation, to give your software processes intelligence. It provides AI as a Service (AIaaS), Data Inventory Optimization, Deep Learning, AR/VR apps, and more using the idea of Evolutionary Architecture. To do so, its seasoned teams explore patterns and create AI-powered business solutions specifically suited for your sector using powerful frameworks and tools such as OpenAI, Tensor flow, Scikit-learn, Caffe, Keras, Hadoop, MLlib, and Spark.

Location: Ahmedabad & Rajkot, INDIA

2. Talentica Software 

For more than 18 years, Talentica Software has been in operation. Talentica Software is expert in assisting companies in using cutting-edge technology to transform their ideas into products. Having Talentica means you may make the best architectural and technological choices, cut operational expenses, increase your client base, and implement better technologies.

The organization does much more than just create a model when developing a machine-learning solution. The architecture, model integration, model training, and data structures are all intricately intertwined. It delivers a machine-learning solution from beginning to end that is specifically designed to bring product features to life.

Location: Pune, INDIA

3. Trigma 

Trigma is a top-tier IT organization that serves customers in the USA and India with cutting-edge solutions for developing websites and mobile apps. It employs a staff of over 100 technocrats, engineers, architects, and developers who are all highly competent experts.

The company is a leading provider of AI application development services with more than ten years of expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Hiring the leading service providers can benefit your company. 

Hire seasoned AI-ML professionals from Trigma who have a track record of success with tools and platforms, including TensorFlow, Caffe, Apache SystemML, Apache Mahout, Torch, OpenNMS, Mycroft AI, Neuroph, and many more. Through the use of intelligent technology to address challenging business problems, its AI & ML solutions drive industry transformation.

Location: Mohali, INDIA

4. Hidden Brains 

With its headquarters in India and other locations in California and Norway, Hidden Brains has a presence all over the world. They expanded to approximately 400 people in just 15 years. They  delivered 5000 mobile and online development projects during that time, focusing mostly on e-commerce solutions and content management systems (CMS). All of the game manufacturer’s requirements were satisfied by Hidden Brains, which also provides a high-caliber product at an affordable price.

Every developer, data scientist, and experienced practitioner can use Machine Learning thanks to Hidden Brains’ comprehensive and in-depth offering of consulting services in these fields. It offers implementation services from industry pioneers in AI solutions. Customers’ progress with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is accelerated with the aid of Hidden Brains.

Location: Ahmedabad, INDIA

5. ThirdEye Data 

With a delivery center in India, ThirdEye Data is a Big Data services provider with more than ten years of experience. ThirdEye Data offers BI, Big Data, Cloud consultancy, and Artificial Intelligence to clients with a staff of about 50 people (AI). They work on platforms like Amazon and Google along with their specialization in Azure.

ThirdEye offers services and products in Data Sciences, Analytics, and Engineering under one roof. It strives to support businesses in transforming knowledge into strategic and tactical insights for timely and well-informed business choices. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and a tight delivery timetable, ThirdEye assists in enhancing the Customer Conversion Platform, which is based on Machine Learning.

Location: Kolkata, INDIA

6. Matellio 

A software engineering company called Matellio was established in 2012 to serve start-ups, business owners, big companies, and individuals with innovative ideas in need of a digital partner. It works with international clients from a range of industry sectors assisting them to take advantage of the digital revolution by introducing their goods to a worldwide market.

As a full-service provider of Machine Learning development services, Matellio provides a wide range of services to help you create automated systems for your organization using supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms. Its solutions integrate with your company to revolutionize the way you run it, intending to provide unmatched quality and performance.

Location: Jaipur, INDIA

7. QBurst 

For small to very large businesses, QBurst is a global product development and consulting organization that provides cognitive solutions and specialized software development services. For many companies, it serves as an R&D partner and provider of end-to-end solutions. While making the development process fun for both clients and staff, it offers reliable digital solutions with improved user experiences.

With the help of cutting-edge prediction and decision-making capabilities, AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing a variety of industries. The use of these modern technologies is made simpler by the availability of Machine Learning SDKs, frameworks, tools, and APIs. 

However, a huge skill gap makes many people’s tasks tedious and wasteful of resources. Its experience and expertise in Machine Learning fill this gap, enhancing the financial return on investments made in cutting-edge technology.

Location: TamilNadu, INDIA

8. CodeWave 

Codewave is a design-thinking-driven organization that specializes in digital innovation, new product creation, and the design of value. In May 2013, Codewave Technologies, a provider of technology services, was established. 52 members of the team, who are based in Bangalore, India, are experts in web development, UX/UI design, and mobile app development. 

They mainly cater to midmarket and small business clients in the Education, Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical sectors. Among its key services are Design Thinking, UI/UX, Analytics, web and mobile solutions, Data Analytics, enterprise AI/ML, Blockchain solutions, edge, IoT, digital infrastructure, and process automation.

Codewave has extensive experience in designing and building AI/ML-first systems, including those involving computer vision, face recognition, voice recognition, biometric / fingerprint recognition, real-time information processing cum forecasts, real-time robotic conversations/interactions, and many more.

Location:  Bengaluru, INDIA

9. Queppelin 

Founded in 2010, Queppelin is an Indian provider of IT services with headquarters in Jaipur. They are also located in Gurgaon, India. Serving midmarket and small company enterprises, their team of more than 200 employees specializes in web development, AR/VR, mobile apps, and custom software. Their principal clients include businesses in the Telecommunications, Real Estate, Arts, and Media sectors.

Through the application of knowledge and expertise in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, Queppelin transforms AI vision into reality. It develops products for Artificial Intelligence (AI), including consultancy, development, user training, and maintenance. It features a skilled staff of software architects, data scientists, AI analysts, designers, and full-stack engineers.

It offers Startups and large companies custom AI app development services that are designed to elevate the business to entirely new levels.

Location: Gurugram, INDIA

10. DataToBiz 

An AI and Data Science consulting company called DataToBiz is based in Chandigarh, India. They are a creative group of 50 professionals. With the use of data engineering solutions, they have assisted numerous SMEs and enterprises throughout the world in resolving their business issues. 

Business Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data warehousing, and Artificial Intelligence are among their primary services. Talented ML and AI professionals from this company work with companies of all sizes to automate repetitive operations and solve complicated business problems.

DataToBiz has all the assistance you require for fraud detection, risk management, surveillance, predictive analysis, and other related tasks. They can assist you since it has assisted hundreds of companies in adopting and implementing AI technologies.

Location: Mohali, INDIA


Today’s technologies are not complete without Machine Learning. No one can compete in the industry without ML applications and technologies. The hiring of ML engineers and data scientists is a trend across all sizes of businesses, to provide a seamless global customer experience. The number of IT businesses in India that are creating ML solutions is also constantly increasing. These top-rated ML and Data Science companies with outstanding reputations in India round out the list.

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