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Top 10 Data Mining Companies in USA 2023

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Are you a business that seeks growth through data-driven actionable decisions? A data mining solution is what you need if you are in this situation. In order to help you find the best Data Mining Companies, ThinkDataAnalytics presents a list of the Top Data Mining Companies.

Low-code Application Development Company

Using the intuitive tools of data mining, the warehouses have been providing better services for storing and processing data as well as predicting patterns in consumer behavior.

We have compiled well-researched details about services and client reviews to make your search easier. The following data mining service providers are listed on ThinkDataAnalytics:

List of Top Data Mining Companies

In order to help you choose the right software solution, we’ve listed some of the top data mining companies you can consider.

  • Indium Software
  • Damcogroup
  • IBM Cognos
  • Sciencesoft
  • Mobidev
  • Rapidminer
  • Sisense
  • Orange Data Mining
  • Consagous Technologies
  • EXL

Indium Software

Indium Software is a leading provider of Digital Engineering solutions with deep expertise in Application Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Assurance and Gaming. Indium’s key differentiators are its specialization in Low Code Development, Ai-driven Text Analytics and Partnerships with tech companies such as Mendix, AWS, Denodo and Striim.

Indium has a global presence with key focus in the US, UK, APAC and India with around 2000+ associates and clients ranging from leading ISVs to large enterprises. Industry advocates namely Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, Clutch have recognized us as a Trusted Digital Engineering partner for Innovative Startups & Visionary Enterprises. At Indium, we believe in continuous learning from the world around us that helps us perform better and stay ahead in the game. We practice an open work culture, where every Indiumite is encouraged to share knowledge, learn, and grow.


Acknowledge discovery process is essential for every business to thrive in the competitive market environment. It allows them to make devise future-focused and fail-proof strategies. We, at Damco, understand it’s importance and offer highly customized data mining services to our clients at much cost-effective rates. Backed by a team of highly-competent professionals, we assist you to manage and extract relevant information from raw data of any size, within the desired time.

Being one of the leading web data mining companies, we follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and all other associated rules of data mining thereby solving complex business problems using our query tools. Our accredited experts hold extensive experience in data mining across different industry verticals including academics, real estate, finance, marketing, legal, etc. Our offerings also encompass data mining in financial services and social media data mining services.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is a great opportunity for business users who want to effortlessly create compelling reports, visualizations, and dashboards.

It is a business intelligence self-service analytics solution with powerful reporting and data analytics capabilities. With IBM Cognos Analytics, you have interactive dashboards, enterprise scalability, scheduling, and sharing features as well as stunning custom visualizations.

The software provides a broad range of analysis tools, such as advanced analysis, trend analysis, and analytical reporting. They allow you to discover information that may not be obvious or expected.

  • Locations: worldwide contacts
  • Some of their clients: American Airlines, Medtronic, Brownells, Magellan Health, Boston Beer Company, and many others.
  • Industries: travel and transportation, public, retail, financial services, communications, computer services, and many others.


Data mining is the process of retrieving valuable insights from huge, diverse, and constantly renewable datasets with pattern recognition technologies, statistical and mathematical methods.

Since 2000, ScienceSoft provides data mining services to help companies uncover data patterns and make accurate data-driven decisions without investing in in-house data mining competencies.


  • Data science and data analytics expertise since 1989.
  • 8 years in big data.
  • Image analysis expertise since 2013.
  • 16 years of experience in rendering data warehouse services.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the data mining services and the security of the customers’ data.
  • Domain experience in 30 industries, including manufacturing, energy, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications.


The era of classic apps is over.

The world is dynamic, so those who adapt technologies to their business win. This is why TOP companies incorporate AI in their new and existing products.

MobiDev combines what mobile and web apps have to offer with modern AI solutions to achieve your business smart goals.

  • Locations: Ukraine, United States
  • Some of their clients: Visiting MobiDev’s portfolio  you can view some of 350+ software products delivered to Enterprises and Startups to make sure MobiDev can handle development projects of any complexity. Read case studies for Mobile & Web development, UI/UX design, Internet of Things app development.


We cannot talk about the best data mining companies, without placing RapidMiner in the top positions.

RapidMiner is an integrated platform dedicated to machine learning and text mining algorithms that unifies the entire data science life cycle from data prep to model deployment.

Created on an open source model, RapidMiner is one of the best data mining and predictive analytics software available on the market.

More than 30000 global organizations use the RapidMiner solutions to drive revenue, reduce costs, discover new opportunities, and avoid risks.

  • Locations: Headquarters – Boston, MA (the USA), office in London (United Kingdom), office in Dortmund (Germany), and office Budapest (Hungary).
  • Some of their clients: Barclays, BMW, CISCO, Sanofi, Transport for London, and many others.
  • Industries: automotive, banking, consumer goods, energy,
    the Government, healthcare, insurance, life science, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, travel.


When it comes to biggest data mining software companies, Sisense’s has a top place here.

They are quite popular with their analytics software that allows every user to seamlessly discover meaningful business insights.

Designed for non-technical users with a great simplicity, Sisense software is one of the first data analytics tools to provide a single-stack solution.

With a drag and drop functionality, you can present beautiful visual reports, create bar graph, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and any other types of graphs.

  • Locations: offices in New York ( The USA), Ramat Gan (Israel), Arizona (The USA)
  • Some of their clients: Hewlett Packard, Philips, Accenture, Fujitsu, Nasdaq, and many others.
  • Industries: digital marketing, enterprise, finance, credit card, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, technology, travel & hospitality.

Orange Data Mining

Orange is one of the most popular data mining companies when it comes to simple data analysis and clever data visualization.

Orange provides open source machine learning and data visualization for newbies as well as for experts.

One of the greatest Orange parts is the amazing interactive data visualization that allows you to easily understand and explore statistical distributions, box plots, scatter plot, decision trees, hierarchical clustering, and etc.

Visual programming is also a spectacular feature that offers interactive data exploration for rapid qualitative analysis with clean visualizations.

  • Locations: The main vendor – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Some of their clients: Used at schools, universities, professional training courses, and businesses across the world.
  • Industries: social sciences, business, healthcare, finance, sciences

Consagous Technologies

Founded in the year 2008, Consagous Technologies is a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company in the USA and India, with its headquarters in Indore. The Company has a great reputation in providing impeccable IT solutions to businesses of every scale across the globe.

Consagous is an established company ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US by Clutch, App Futura, and GoodFirms.

With a team of more than 100 professionals and offices sprawled across Australia, India, and the USA, Consagous, as a leading Mobile Application Development Company, is committed to ensuring utmost client satisfaction through its professional IT offerings like Business Technology services, Product Engineering services, Mobile Applications, Software Solutions, and IT Consulting services as well. Consagous has opened up to new spheres of delivering excellence to Media-Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Finance.

We try to stay ahead of the curve and constantly look to incorporate the latest and most sophisticated technologies as well as the team’s experience. This translates into innovative ways for companies to connect with their customers, further cementing our position as the go-to IT Solutions Provider for clients the world over.


This is also one of the award-winning data mining companies that provide analytics services and analytics outsourcing.

They bring the power of industry domain, data, and digital technologies together to enable organizations to re-defining their markets and customers, and re-imagining their business models.

EXL has experience in projects for 500+ global customers around the world.

They are experts in digital intelligence and help complex industries such as insurance, finance, banking, credit card, healthcare, transportation, marketing, and etc.

Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything they do.

  • Locations: 43 global delivery centers in the Americas, Europe, India, Asia, Colombia and South Africa. 25+ languages supported.
  • Services: data strategy, data architecture, master data management, data enrichment, data governance, digital transformation, customer and market intelligence, risk and compliance, etc.

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