SAP Analytics Cloud for Mobile Platform

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Analyzing data and visualizing graphs play an important role in determining different business strategies.

Having access to tools capable of converting numbers into meaningful insight is very important, and this is where the SAP Analytics Cloud comes in. There are a lot of devices present in this platform that help draw insights and convert them into stories that the clients can easily understand.

SAP, however, is gradually trying to understand the importance of mobile platforms and the importance of services in an application format.

So, SAP has come up with the same tools and features that are suited for a mobile interface. The application is capable of working in both android and iOS interfaces.

This article will understand the importance of a mobile app for analytical uses and the pros and cons of the Android and iOS versions. We will also be looking into the technical requirements for these mobile platforms.

Benefits of having a Mobile Platform

Mobile devices are getting more powerful every day, and their prices are getting lowered, making them affordable for ordinary people. With SAP analytics cloud platform becoming available on both android and iOS mobile devices, it is becoming easier for employees and admins to monitor the tasks that are happening regularly in the company.

Sending the appropriate information to the correct person at the right time is the problem that SAP SAC mobile platforms solve. As every person has a mobile phone with themselves, it becomes effortless to share insights on the go. With all the data and visualizations at one’s fingertips, decisions are made much faster than ever, and the overall work efficiency increases.

Mobile devices can also build stories directly from visualizations to gain proper insights from filtered data. The app allows a responsive design that is suited for all kinds of screen resolutions and sizes. The apps are still under development, so a few features are present in the desktop setting but cannot be found in the mobile application. It is better to choose formats that do not have such features so that all platforms can have the same experience.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Android

SAP Analytics Cloud application is available for android mobile phones running a minimum of Android 9.0 with at least 4GB of RAM. The SAP Analytics Cloud platform comes as an application downloaded into your device from the play store. However, you have to have an SAP SAC account to start viewing stories.

If you are an employee at a company, then contact your admin to know more about this. Fast trackSAP SACcustomers can easily view stories by connecting to their tenants through the app.

The admin provides the story viewing access, and you will only be able to view stories shared with you. There are many different ways in which the stories can be created based on either recorded or live data feeds. You can save stories or mark them as favorites, or if you want to look for a particular story, you can search it from the search option.

The stories are made in a dynamic layout that makes them easy to view from any device like a tablet, a mobile, or even a laptop. The stories can be viewed only by tapping on them, and the charts and graphs will be arranged linearly on the mobile platform. Swiping through the stories or skipping a few can also be done by swipes and taps.

Different ways of interacting with stories on a mobile platform are as follows:

  • Get more details by clicking on specific visualizations in stories
  • See the difference between two data points by clicking on them
  • You can rank visualizations to arrange them properly, like top 5 or bottom 5
  • Drill up and down on different data points
  • Filters and input controls are present at the top right part of the display.
  • A helpful feature present here is the ability to create bookmarks and access them from the bookmark icon on the top. This provides easy and faster access to important stories.

The mobile platform provides an extra layer of security on the existing SAP infrastructure security that becomes important for SAP analytics cloud planning. Password protection can also be added to the application, ensuring that the important data does not go into any wrong hands. 

SAP Analytics Cloud for iOS

The SAP SAC application was first released for the iOS interface only, and it is now able to run on devices running iOS 11.0 or later. The device should have a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Like the alternative android, the SSO login system is also used in this platform, and stories can be viewed or edited from the mobile platforms. Some of the notable benefits of this platform are:

  • Responsive design – The designs are adaptive to different devices based on screen sizes. The tools are optimized in such a way that their functionality is maintained irrespective of the devices.
  • Device preview options – The application also allows creating stories previewed in different devices like large, medium, and small interfaces. This preview helps in designing reports that can be viewed from anywhere.
  • Security – iOS platform is known for its strict security norms and its impenetrable infrastructure. This makes for the best environment for storing data and valuable insights safely.


As discussed in this article, the SAP analytics cloud platform is an efficiently functioning system based on both iOS and Android versions. Story system in these applications is the best way of conveying valuable information in the most simplified manner.

Since mobile devices are present in everyone’s pockets, it is the best way to keep connected with its activities. This makes sure that the company’s activities never stop and causal scenarios can be controlled well in advance.

Eric Smith is an SAP professional providing a wide range of SAP consulting services to his clients. With a knack for technology, he loves to write on the latest SAP developments and share his knowledge with the readers.