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5 Awesome Mobile Application Testing Tools & Platforms for Testers

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Mobile app testing services are a crucial part of application development. It will help if you remember that mobile testing is becoming extremely important with the proliferation of mobile users.

Mobile testing tools are software to test mobile apps, which are inclusive of app distribution tools, cloud-based testing tools, performance testing tools, crash reporting tools, A/B testing tools, mobile phone emulators, and different defects logging tools.

Mobile app testing tools have become the need of the hour to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and coverage of the iOS and Android mobile testing.

Once the companies create a variety of mobile products, the marketplace witnesses a variety of platforms, devices, and versions. It will help if you remember that testing mobile applications is crucial.

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In this article, you will find information about the different mobile app testing platforms and tools for the testers:


Appium is one of the leading test automation tools to test mobile apps. It is endorsed by the developers and testers for easy implementation.

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It will help if you remember that it is considered to be the open-source tool, which provides a suitable opportunity for the automation of hybrid, mobile web, and native apps across different android and Apple platforms.

A primary highlight of this testing tool is that it provides support to safari on chrome, iOS and ready-made browser apps on the Appium.

Hence, Appium is recognized to be the cross-platform automation tool. It provides a suitable opportunity to the potential audience in writing the tests on different platforms, viz., Android, Apple, and windows, with the same API.

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Moreover, it increases the code reusability between Android, Apple and Windows test suits.

Such a tool is developed on the premise of testing the native application. Therefore, it does not need the inclusion of the app rearrangement and SDK.

In addition to this, it provides the prerequisite opportunity for the implementation of the preferred frameworks, test practices, and tools. Besides this, it is regarded as an open-source platform, which provides motivation for contributions and solutions from the community of developers and testers.

Furthermore, it is useful in automating the mobile app across the testing and language framework. In addition to this, it helps in facilitating the accomplished access to backend databases and back end APIs of the specific test code.

In addition to this, the backend of Appium is known to be selenium, which provides selenium functionality to accomplish testing needs.

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It is also worth mentioning in the list of the best-in-class mobile app testing tools. It is a suitable option to perform, maintain and create different UI tests for mobile, desktop and web apps.

By using this tool, you can perform the testing of hybrid and native mobile applications. It is known to execute the tests on real devices, emulators, and virtual machines.

Such a tool provides different scriptless and script options to generate the tests. This tool provides support to the keywords-driven test generation.

It provides the record and plays feature to create the tests without writing the single code line. It can integrate with different CI/CD tools.


It is a popular mobile app testing tool that is beneficial in tracking the app’s performance in real-time. It offers a great option for the potential audience to focus on different factors, like dynamic base lining, application mapping, and code-level diagnostics.

It is equipped with the app dynamics platform, which helps monitor the mobile app performance, thereby ensuring an improved customer experience.

In addition to this, it provides real-time visibility into end-user experience on different Android and Apple platforms.

Besides this, such a tool offers a helping hand in seeking insights into the users’ usage patterns, like carriers, device types, application versions and operating systems. It is useful in recognizing different problems pertaining to the mobile app in real-time conditions.

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It is a cloud-based platform to accomplish IoT software, mobile and website testing. This tool offers hassle-free access to a vast array of web browsing and mobile devices.

This tool’s reporting and analysis platform provide a suitable choice for the mobile app testing team to assess the quality and focus on different problem areas to create the necessary changes.

In addition to this, it provides the common interface in which the software app team will connect and collaborate to track the bugs and errors. It is useful in monitoring the quality metrics, developing the project, and focusing on resolving the same.

Besides this, it provides the coverage necessary for different platform capabilities, environments, and scenarios, as experienced by the potential audience.

Other than this, it provides a suitable choice to the mobile app team in validating and verifying the wok on different real platforms faster. Besides this, it is known to execute the tests in Selenium, XCTest, Espresso and different test frameworks across several platform versions.


It is a renowned mobile app tool, which can be integrated with the industry’s open-source tools seamlessly.

This tool is useful in the execution of tests across a variety of web browsers and mobile devices for the quick turnaround time.

Besides this, it is useful in creating the tests effectively at different upgraded open sources tools versions. Moreover, it provides acceleration to the testing cycle.

In addition to this, it offers improved test coverage by the execution of the tests across various mobile devices and browsers simultaneously.


The above-mentioned mobile app testing tools provide a suitable opportunity to the potential audience in resolving the problems faster effectively with the reduction of the testing efforts. Therefore, you are sure to reap a lot of benefits as you opt for either of the above-mentioned mobile app testing platforms and tools for different testers.

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