How can I hide my identity on the Internet

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The first thing is why you need to hide your identity on the internet? It is because of protecting online activities from cyber threats. Keep privacy on browsing information secures you from many types of incidents.

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So, people search the different methods of how can I hide my identity on the internet.  We have brought out some best solutions by which you can become anonymous while doing the activity on the internet.

Top 8 ways to stay safe on the internet

Here is a list of the top 8 ways that can help you to hide your browsing information.

  1. Use VPN
  2. Browse privately
  3. Use proxy
  4. Use Duckduck go search engine instead of Google and Yahoo
  5. Change passwords from time to time
  6. Use end-to-end encryption apps for messaging
  7. Do not share personal information on social media
  8. Install antivirus software

We have provided a list of the best 8 ways by which you can protect your internet activities. But, we have brought out the top 5 ways which are easy and safe to use. You can try the method which is convenient for you.


A virtual private network is the easiest way to keep privacy during browsing and streaming. It is done by the switch of IP(Internet Protocol) to the server of another country. The best VPN companies which are pocket-friendly and safe to browse are KeepSolid VPN and RusVPN.

KeepSolid  VPN is secure online activities from the prying eyes. It has 400 servers located in 80 countries. This software is safe to show you as anonymous while working on the internet. Its monthly and lifetime plan is too costly so, you can use the KeepSolid VPN coupon code. After using this, you can get the security service at a reasonable price.

RusVPN gives you full anonymity on the internet. You can also access on other sites and do torrenting also. Now crack the best deal to save on apply of RusVPN coupon code and it also provides extra offers for students.

Change passwords rapidly

It is important to change the passwords often. It has some reasons, sometimes your information can be leak by a simple password. So, you need to put a complex password and change it after a certain period. It secures the personal information of the internet from cyber threats.

Browse privately

Without any investment, you can save your activities which you have done on the internet. This is the easiest to keep privacy and hide identity on the internet. You can browse in private mode, it can help you to secure your information from hackers. It does not store any browsing history on the device.

Install antivirus software

Antivirus is installed to detect and kills malware, spyware, and other types of viruses. But do you know with the help of malware your information can be leak to anyone? Yes, it is possible, malware can be enter due to click on some sites. A virus can also enter at the time of downloading files when you are connected to the internet. With the help of malware, a hacker can easily access on your device and steal the information. It can show you what you browse, download and share through the internet. Antivirus software like Kaspersky and Avast are best to use and recommended by satisfied users also.

Use Duckduck go search engine

Google is the most popular search engine which is used by millions of people. But this is not safe for browsing because it stores every information that you search about. It also requires some personal information like email, phone number, and date of birth when you make a google account.

So, from avoidance of leakage of personal information of online information use Ducduck go search engine. This search engine is safe to use keeps privacy on your search data. It does not store any history of the user’s browsing information.

Is it possible to be anonymous on the internet?

Yes, while using all the methods which we have discussed above helps you to show as anonymous on the internet. So, it is easy to hide the identity while working on the internet.

Can anyone know what you browse?

It can happen if you are using public wifi. The public wifi connection is not fully secure and your browsing data can be misused by anyone. And some security companies also sell your information to a third party.

Which method is best to hide information on the internet?

The best way is to use the virtual private network. This software has many advantages.

  • It can help you to show you as anonymous on the internet.
  • Protects your online activities from cyberthreats
  • Give access to read content of other countries’ sites also.
  • Helps to stream your favorite shows even you are abroad.