Data Migration

7 Best Data Migration Tools (cloud and on-prem)

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Data migration is the process of transferring the internal datasets from a database system to other as compatible information that can be manipulated further for business processes.

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This is inclusive of the preparation, extraction, and transformation of the data. As the data of different formats are poured in from various systems, the existing systems need an upgrade to the larger ones.

It provides an opportunity to the business enterprise to expand the data management and storage capabilities.

They should make the best use of the data for driving different business decisions. It is used on a broad scale to transfer the data.

Business enterprises are capable of writing data migration scripts on their own. They can also leverage the cloud/on-premises migration tools for data migration. Small projects can develop in-house self-scripted solutions for data migration.

These in-house self-scripts may not be an appropriate solution for scaling purposes. On-prem data migration tools work as expected in a single site.

The cloud-based data migration tools can be adopted by enterprises that are moving forward with cloud-based solutions.

In this article, we enlist the different types of data migration tools, which are available in the market and help in accomplishing the data migration services.


It is a popular data integration platform, which is based on the cloud. It is recognized to be a complete toolkit that is used for the development of different data pipelines.

It offers prerequisite solutions for customer support, sales, marketing, and developers. You can find such solutions for the hospitality, retail, and advertising industries.

It is equipped with a set of extensive features which help in migrating easily. It offers assistance in migrating to the cloud at ease.

It offers the prerequisite features for connecting to different legacy systems. Also, it is also useful in connecting to different legacy and on-premise systems, after which the data is migrated. It offers support to SFTP, DB2, Teradata, Oracle, and different SQL servers.

IRI NextForm

This data migration tool can be availed as standalone data in different editions. It is inclusive of the capabilities in the larger IRI data management and the ETL platform.

It is possible to use the NextForm to convert different file formats, legacy data stores, data types, database schema, and endian states.

Such a tool makes the best use of different standard drivers such as Kafta, MQTT, and ODBC for data movement. It offers support to the cloud, local, and HDFS file systems. Data migration tool helps in developing different batch scripts and job tasks for the scheduling, execution, and tracking from command lines, GUI.

DBConvert Studio

It is an ideal tool for the migration and synchronization of the database. It offers support to the well renowned on-premises databases, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, to name a few.

Data Migrator

It is a powerful and outstanding automated tool that is useful in simplifying different ETL processes comprehensively.

It provides the prerequisite opportunity to work with the data from different platforms. It offers the end to end and faster heterogeneous migration of data, thereby offering seamless integration.

It includes the management of different ETL processes securely. Administrators are offered the prerequisite opportunity to track and review different job logs, job statistics, job queues, scheduling, and starting of different jobs.

Oracle Data Migration Utility

It is a popular data migration tool that offers end-to-end solutions for different database migrations from the different legacy encodings to the Unicode. It is equipped with the scalable architecture to migrating the data.

It decreases the efforts and downtime needs during the conversion of the data. It is known to execute the validation mode, thereby assuring that the data is encoded correctly in the Unicode. It offers a basic health check on different potential issues.

Microsoft DMA

It is another popular data migration tool that offers a modern data platform. It helps in diagnosing different compatibility challenges, which influences the performance of the data on the latest servers.

It helps in bringing an improvement in the reliability and performance within the target environment. It helps in facilitating the movement of data to the target server from the source server.


It offers platform-agnostic connections for the applications, data, and APIs. It is an enterprise integration cloud that offers the unified iPaaS or integration platform as a service.

It is referred to as the Elastic Integration Platform. It is a popular data migration tool responsible for simplifying the efforts to move the data from one database to the other.

Choosing the data migration tool depends on the needs largely. There is a wide array of data migration tools.

However, they will not be useful if they fail to meet the specific objectives of the company. Certain questions should be asked when it comes to selecting the appropriate data migration tool.

You need to find whether you are willing to migrate the specific data in the same environment. You should also check whether you need to move the data to the cloud from the on-premise. Besides this, you need to find if you can move the data from one cloud store to the other.


Proper planning is a crucial part of the data migration efforts. It is inclusive of the consideration of different destinations, data sources, cost, and security. Choosing the data migration tool happens to be a vital part of the planning process, which is based on the business needs and use cases of the business enterprise.

Migration of data occurs as the business enterprise tries to move the data from one source to the target system. Business enterprises come with various reasons to migrate the data.

If you are searching for the best-in-class data migration tools to move from one place to the other and to make data migration techniques successful, you can opt for either of the above-mentioned data migration tools.