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Artificial Intelligence Use in Mobile Apps; How to Use It

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How come mobile apps are so smart these days? Well, don’t be surprised; it’s due to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps is today’s gossip, and there is a high possibility it will remain intact in the future. Not to mention it’s one of the ultimate growing technologies worldwide. Moreover, it’s fixed in mobile apps, which enables them to mimic human behavior.

So, if you want to do a particular task in smart apps let AI, do it for you. Not to mention AI help perform complex humans’ routine activities more remarkably with no errors. Although AI is not an old invention, you can find AI in almost every department in education, production, medicine, and many other departments.

According to the research of Statista, the global market revenue of artificial intelligence is predictably more than 89000 US Dollars in 2025. Although AI holds a good place in the market, it’s expected to grow higher in the coming years.

However, AI’s excellent outcome in mobile apps is becoming an unescapable incentive for industries to adopt AI. And python app developers seem keener to embed AI features to produce intelligent mobile apps.

There is even more to this, which we will discuss in this article; Here is how you can use the power of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps.

Artificial Technologies in Mobile Apps

Speech Recognition

The feature in the voice control system used in mobile apps is speech recognition. You can find Alexa, Siri, and Cortana to be perfect samples of speech recognition.

Not to mention speech recognition ensure effective capabilities to decode human speech into a computer comprehendible language.

What’s even more exciting about this feature it enables you to talk to your machine and get things done effortlessly. Moreover, plenty of apps out there use AI speech recognition feature to deliver graceful usage. Provided that, many app development companies follow this trend to build more compatible mobile apps.


Nowadays, you cannot tell if it’s an actual human behind the chat or an AI-embedded feature. Chatbots are a great way to maximize engagement in business apps. It is because it provides artificial chat capabilities.

To put it another way, chatbots help corporations interact with people and help with essential information and issues. Besides, the more intelligent the AI Chatbots are, the more pre-built answers they can offer users.

Chatbots are more like virtual assistants in intelligent businesses. Some popular companies that use Chatbots/virtual assistants are Amazon, Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Artificial Solutions, etc.

Natural Language Technology – NLT

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps has brought out NLT for user ease. NLT is one of the rapidly growing AI features that help humans communicate verbally with their natural accents.

In addition, it takes on board machine learning algorithms, for example, machine translations, process description, chatbots, and many other features to improve user experience in mobile apps. If you are on the lookout to build a mobile app that focuses on customer service, NLT AI is the way to go. Since it helps create reports and market reviews, which is why you need to integrate this specific AI technology into your app to help professional users on higher levels.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the popular AI technologies that allows apps to predict outcomes even without being programmed to do so. Simply put, it uses past data to predict new data or outcomes as per need.

Therefore, machine learning or ML marks high status in the field of artificial intelligence. Additionally, it’s tremendously beneficial for forecast and sorting. Today, having ML integration to mobile apps is significantly helpful. Therefore, it is vital to have an ML-based mobile app for businesses for forecasting and analysis purposes. Imagine recognition is an eminent and widespread illustration of ML.


You no longer have to remember passwords at this age, not when AI is offering biometrics features. This feature not only helps identify your fingerprints but also can analyze and predict human behaviors.

Besides, you can do tons of stuff with this AI technology. Not to mention it ensure recognition capabilities for any kind of shape or physical aspect. Furthermore, Biometrics get used extensively in marketing and research departments. Identification of fingerprints and facial patterns are the two primary examples used in smart apps. With this in mind, use biometric AI features in your mobile apps to ensure a modern touch.

Emotion Recognition

Even more provocative feature of AI technology is emotion recognition. This feature helps detect human emotions from their faces. Similarly, it accomplishes that by using an advanced image processing algorithm.

The algorithm detects human senses with voice tone pitch and mild speech symptoms and tells the apparent emotion. However, this technology is found in startup apps, and it’s also good to use it for startups as it’s yet in the growing phase.

Image recognition

Because of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, identification of objects, places, writing, and above all, actions in images has been pretty much handy to automatize and help sort stuff. Hence, they get widely used in mobile apps.

For example, you can build an application that identifies license plates, analyzes faces, and diagnoses diseases with image recognition. So, in healthcare facilities, you can diagnose rare diseases with the help of this AI tech.

Text recognition

Lastly, this AI tech enables users to capture text from a piece of paper to their mobile phones. By the way, which saves us from the typical copywriting. Moreover, it allows users to find related data or info from news and search engines. For this purpose, it’s solely used by the popular system and security firms.

Frequently Asked Questioned About AI

How to use AI in mobile apps?

You can use any Artificial Technologies as mentioned above in your mobile app as you seem fit. However, you may not find any simple method to embed AI in mobile apps by all yourself. Provided that, you need to learn necessary AI skill sets, or as usual, leave it to the professionals and invest in an innovative mobile app.

Moreover, python is the best platform to start with since it provides all the essential tools and libraries to implement AI functionalities in mobiles apps. On the contrary, if you have a fantastic app idea, don’t miss out on being a part of this digital world and pitch the idea today to the best Python app development company.

Few methods to integrate AI into your mobile app:

  • If you are building a business app, embed an AI chatbot or virtual assistant to increase customer engagement with increased sales. Plus, virtual assistance works 24/7.
  • Make a whole new app with audio and video recognition. There is no such app that can detect both and video. It’s a great idea. Don’t waste time and start developing this app before someone else does.
  • By learning behavior patterns, you can make great apps.

Why Should You Incorporate AI Into Your App?

The answer is not very complex for you to comprehend since you already know the wide-ranging advantages of Artificial Intelligence discussed above. Perhaps the reason is simple and yet very captivating; AI tends to mimic human behavior and, on some levels, work smart by helping a human with showing suggestive relevant data to lessen their pain point in doing a complex task. Not to mention every app’s owner trying to incorporate AI reduce human efforts on complex functions within the app.

Moreover, implementing AI into mobile apps helps inform about the loopholes and irregularities in user behavior.

Therefore, it can be highly beneficial to reduce threat perception and any looming vulnerabilities. Above all, it yields a smooth and suggestive process for the user with an improved user experience. It is why you should embed AI into your mobile app to gain more content users and eventually attain high success.

What Are the Perfect and Popular Examples of AI Apps?

The following AI models are already shaking up the Business as usual. And it might blow your mind, the century-defining products that Artificial Intelligence itself has boosted and further advancing them even beyond.

Top Artificial Intelligence Examples, In No Particular Order:

  • Robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart Assistant
  • Disease Mapping
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Natural Language
  • Automated Financial Investing
  • Proactive Healthcare Management
  • Virtual Travel Booking Agent

How Is AI Impacting the mobile Industry?

Seemingly, Artificial Intelligence is taking the mobile app revolution to new heights. As a result, multiple mobile industries are complying to integrate AI into their services, likely in mobile app development platforms, to lessen the developers’ pain points. Not to mention impacting industries of any kinds leverage AI at their workflows to automate and make faster their work processes.

Since the break out of Artificial Intelligence, AI adoption has been a hype in various industries. Similarly, the mobile app industry continuously introduces novel AI features in mobile apps to fascinate users even more. In this day and age, the real competition among industries is advancing AI to produce hassle-free products to eliminate the users’ efforts as much as possible.

Basically, in today’s competitive market, AI has been the sole factor in improving an industry’s exploration and growth.

Without using AI in this AI-driven world, it can be the most challenging job, and your industry may as well not meet the success you long for. Hence, implementing Artificial Intelligence is as important as the industry itself – one way to put the importance of AI.

Wrap Up

AI has paved its way in mobile app development not long away. And it is yet booming its way beyond. To be a part of it, think of an app and equip it with AI features. Undoubtedly, you can do so much with AI features in today’s world.

Lastly, AI in mobile apps is irreversibly building the world into smartness and simplicity; good news for us. AI today in our mobile apps made it easy for us in various fields unimaginable. Although mobile apps are dynamically creeping their way up, believe me, when it reaches the very top, this will still keep crawling up no matter what since there is no end to AI tech advancement.

Get the support for the best iPhone app development company today, and bring out the most AI-embedded app.

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